Zvolen castle

Zvolenský zámok
Zvolenský zámok

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Zvolen castle is a dominant of the city and it is located on the elevated cliff, over the junciton of rivers Slatina and Hron. Today Zvolen castle is known as a Deserted castle, which surely is not deserted. The castle is preserved in its original, intact shape and it is registered as a National Cultural Monument. The premises of the Zvolen castle are used by the Slovak National Gallery, which exhibits precious collection of Gothic and modern arts there. During the summer, a very popular theatre festival called The Zvolenské castle games (Zámocké hry zvolenské) are taking place in the courtyard of the castle. There is an combat train standing in the vicinity of the castle, which is the memento of the Slovak National Uprising.

Opening hours:

Season Day Opening hours
May - September Tue - Sun 10.00 - 17.30 (last admission at 16.45) 
October - April Wed - Sun 10.00 - 17.30 (last admission at 16.45) 


Námestie SNP 1 , 960 01 Zvolen

Contact details

  • Phone: +421 (0)45/532 19 03
  • Fax: +421 (0)45/533 13 37
  • www.sng.sk

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