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3.10.2009 Zoya Museum in Modra opened their gates to bring in this place and in this time cultural and political signal which mentions on future. This exhibition brings euphoria to look into the future, has a visions and to be active. Commited team is consit not only from organizatos, but also from sponzors, curators and artists and tehre for in Zoya Museum could depend on vise choices with maximum quality.

Current events

If you are  fan of art, nature, wine and good meal you have to definitely visit ELESKO wine park. Just here you will find combination which will comforte all your senses. You can also visit The ZOYA MUSEUM in which you can find impressive exposition of Andy Warhol. This exposition has been realized from the begining of this summer and you can see all magnificant work of King of pop-art from Wednesday until Sunday all the year round in Modra.

zoya muzeumAndy Warhol (1928-1987) was famous for a fact, that he never told a true about himself, his family or his ancestry. His quotes, which were recored in literature, show us that he did it on purpose. His main life goal was making art, became famous and rich. Concerning that one of the most important persons of pop-art had his ancestry in Slovakia, ZOYA MUSEUM opened on 9. 5. 2010 near by the city Modra new exhibition of Andy Warhol Works. All exhibition consist of 120 originals from that great and extraordinary artist. In this collection we can find not only squeegee but also rare drawing and oil on the canvas.

Official invitation from Zoya Museum

„You shouldn´t missed this colossal exhibition of King of art.pop! You will definitely find jewels between 120 masterpieces of Andy Warhol. I recomended face-to face beautiful picture of Mrilyn, breath taking Picture peppered with diamond powder or picture – A Man torso - there are just 4 pieces of this in the World. We include a series of Cammuflage pictures in this exhibition, which Andy Warhol made just few weeks before his death.“

Natália Csizmadiová, manager of ZOYA MUSEUM.

Make sure you don't miss::

  • the best, the most quality, and the most representative Slovak modernist works (due to thoughtful purchases of our predecessors at the SNG)
  • the most famous (well-known even from school textbooks)
  • the most reproduced (M. Benka, M. A. Bazovský, Ľ. Fulla, M. Galanda)
  • the most appreciated („Pieseň a práca“ by Ľ. Fulla, „Grand Prix“ at the world exhibition in Paris, 1937)

Exhibiting authors:

Janko Alexy ▪ Konštantín Bauer ▪ Jakub Bauernfreund ▪ Miloš Alexander Bazovský ▪ Martin Benka ▪ Ľudovít Fulla ▪ Mikuláš Galanda ▪ Ladislav Guderna ▪ Edmund Gwerk ▪ Vincent Hložník ▪ Viliam Chmel ▪ Július Jakoby ▪ Anton Jasusch ▪ Cyprián Majerník ▪ Gustáv Mallý ▪ František Malý ▪ Ester Martinčeková-Šimerová ▪ Peter Matejka ▪ Ján Mudroch ▪ Andrej Nemeš ▪ Eugen Nevan ▪ Zolo Palugyay ▪ František Reichentál ▪ Koloman Sokol ▪ Imro Weiner-Kráľ ▪ Arnold Peter Weisz-Kubínčan ▪ Ernest Zmeták

Opening hours:

Day Opening hours
Mon - Tue  Closed
Wed - Sat  12.00 - 20.00
Sun  12.00 - 18.00


Addmission Price
 Adults  4,00 €
 Discounted (Children under 16 years, retirees, students, EURO26 card holders, ISIC)  2,00 €
 Family addmission  10,00 €


ELESKO wine complex 2275 , Modra , 90001

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