Ždiar is one of the Slovakia’s gems, it is a distinctive village of the Tatra region with its characteristic traditions, customs, folklore and culture, and with over 1,300 inhabitants. Ždiar is a specific village thanks to its folk architecture, Goral settlement and typical Goral monostructure. The entire adjacent area is included in the protected territory of TANAP (The Tatra National Park), the Goliasová and the Belianske Tatras nature reserves, UNESCO and the Monuments Reserve of Folk Architecture (PRĽA). Endangered flora and fauna species occur in the entire area. The cadastre is a part of the NECONET national ecological network.


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Recommended hotels

Recommended hotels

Villa Beatrice*** Tatranská Lomnica
Vila Beatrice*** Tatranská Lomnicafrom €19,00/person

Hotel Hills
Hotel Hills**** Stará Lesnáfrom €50,00/person

Villa Magnólia Tatranská Lomnica
Villa Magnólia Tatranská Lomnicafrom €15,00/person

Villa Júlia Tatranská Lomnica
Villa Júlia Tatranská Lomnicafrom €18,50/person

Tatry Holiday Resort Veľký Slavkov
Tatry Holiday Resort Veľký Slavkovfrom €14,50/person

Hotel Club*** Kežmarok
Hotel Club*** Kežmarokfrom €23,50/person

Penzión u Šeliho*** Veľká Lomnica
B&B u Šeliho*** Veľká Lomnicafrom €20,00/person

Grand Hotel Bellevue
Grand Hotel Bellevue**** Vysoké Tatryfrom €100,00/person

Hotel International**** Veľká Lomnica
Hotel International**** Veľká Lomnicafrom €49,00/person


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