Western Tatras

Západné Tatry

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The Western Tatras are the second highest mountain range in Slovakia. The largest part of which is situated in Liptov region, a smaller part in Orava region and in Poland. A distinctive and very winding ridge having a length of 35 kilometres is characteristic for the Western Tatras mountains. A considerable part of hills have got the height of over 2000 m in this mountain chain. Therefore, the Western Tatras is a favourite place for walks of fitter tourists. The highest hill here is the Bystrá (2248 m), which is situated almost 1 km in the south direction from the main ridge. A gratification for those of tourist long-distance walkers, who will overcome the peaks of these mountains, will be a view of Liptov, Orava, but also of Poland. From the view of hiking, the most beautiful and attractive part of the Western Tatras mountains is the Roháče. It is situated in the western border of this mountain. The characteristic hills the Ostrý Roháč and Plačlivé have got the wildly rugged peaks. This area is suitable for tourists being in good shape. 

Tourist routes:

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Podbanské 950 m 0:00 h modrá trasa
Pyšné sedlo 1792 m 3:15 h modrá trasa


2155 m 4:00 h červená trasa


2173 m 5:00 h červená trasa

Hrubý vrch

2136 m 5:30 h červená trasa


2063 m 6:45 h červená trasa

Ostrý Roháč

2088 m 9:00 h červená trasa


2125 m 10:15 h červená trasa
Žiarska chata 1300 m 13:00 h modrá trasa

turistika k východným hrebeňom západných tatier

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Ústie Jaloveckej doliny 790 m 0:00 h červená trasa žltá trasa
Rázcestie na Parichvostu 1005 m 1:15 h modrá trasa

Baníkovské sedlo

2040 m 3:45 h červená trasa


2178 m 4:15 h zelená trasa

Jalovecké sedlo

1856 m 5:00 h zelená trasa

Žiarska chata

1300 m 6:00 h modrá trasa

Ústie Žiarskej doliny

900 m 6:45 h

turistika z jaloveckej doliny na baníkov

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Žiarska dolina 900 m 0:00 h žltá trasa


2184 m 3:30 h žltá trasa


2072 m 4:00 h žltá trasa

Žiarske sedlo

1917 m 4:30 h zelená trasa

Žiarska chata

1300 m 6:00 h zelená trasa

Žiarska dolina

900 m 7:15 h

turistika na baranec zo žiarskej doliny

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Ústie Žiarskej doliny 880 m 0:00 h červená trasa


800 m 1:00 h červená trasa

Ústie Jaloveckej doliny

800 m 1:30 h červená trasa


685 m 2:00 h

Source: turistikaonline.sk


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