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Small Carpathian Wine Route

Pivnice Pezinok
Malokarpatská vínna cesta

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Small Carpathian Wine Route connects many fenomens - wine, country, history and gastronomy of big region which is located between Bratislava and Trnava on south-west of Slovakia. There are three more but smaller cities which are intervene between them: Pezinok, Modra and Svätý Jur. All of this cities were in past annouced as a royal city. They got this title in 17th century thanks for their production of high-class wine which was really favourite between crowned and magnificent people from Vienna and Bratislava - in capital city of Hungary in that times. 

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Month Event

Day of open cellars - Open cellar on Small Carpathian Wine Route from Bratislava to Trnava - Manor House Horná 20, Modra, Small Carpathian Wine Route


Christmas inspiration - Handycraft market - Manor House Horná 20, Modra

Wine, women and scent - Wine tasting followed by famous women, Trenčín

 January ITF SLOVAKIATOUR Bratislava – Presentation at the Tourism fair, Incheba Bratislava

Wine, women and scent - Wine tasting followed by famous women, Trenčín


Young wine at castle – Wine tasting at castle Červený Kameň

Art and wine - Art in symbiosis with wine, Castle Červený Kameň

Opening of cellar on St. Urban's Day - Connected with opening of season in Small Carpathian Wine Route, Manor House Horná 20, Modra, Small Carpathian Wine Route

 October An apple feast with young wine – Manor House Horná 20, Modra

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Horná 20 , Modra , 90001

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Recommended hotels

Recommended hotels

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W HOTEL *** Bratislavafrom €39,50/person


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