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Black River Resort Malacky

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27-hole golf resort

This complex is very compact in beautiful natural surroundings. Equipped center of golf area is located in very center of golf represents the heart of golf organism surrouned by following zones:

Golf Academy

  • 300 m driving range with mutual service with 7 target greens.
  • 2 greens for chipping
  • 2 greens for putting
  • training sand for short (green) and long stroke (fervej sand)
  • special studio for golf academy includes coverd launch pad.

Facilities of this resort

Within this resort there are standart services of following character:

  • club house with social background
  • restaurant with capacity of 40 persons (intrior) and 80 persons (exterior)
  • complex service in lending Office with sporting goods
  • complex services in Golf Academy

Golf course Public (9 holes) - length of 2799 m, par. 36, SR 137.

  • Public will be served for needs of less able golfers (HCP 25-54), it will be operating separate includes idividual HCP tournament

Golf course WHITE (18 holes) consist of:

  • SAND (9 holes) lenght 3095 m , par. 37, assumption SR-155
  • PINE (9 holes) lenght 3038 m, par. 38,5, assumption SR-149
  • characteristic for this course are wide areas full of white sand and pine vegetation.

„Ideality in golf“ is fated by folloving reality:

  • Good distance form Bratislava - locality has 90 ha and is located between Plavecký Štvrtok and Malacky, beside the highway D2, about 26 km far away from Patrónka crossroads and about 7-8 km away from Lozorno crossroads (D2). It is about 20-25 minutes from Bratislava.
  • Technical infrastructure - all types of technical infrastructures are located near by this areal, in sufficient capacity which helps to improve all resort.

Natural surroundings

Almost everyone knows a beautiful surrounding of mostly pine-wood forest which is in combination with new water areas and could create a lovely „Golf biotope“ on sandy dunes. Golf sourse is literally „fit in“ to the centenary forest, which was thank for all situations in rotation age and it was possible to used it for a golf needs. A beautiful individuals of bicentuary oaks became a part of gameplay obstacles.

Center of Industrial zone and surroundings acivities- in Current industrial zone EUROVALLEY has a bright future in infrequent place, because with golf courses there are also reasonable needs with forms of family and recreational centres, building up a 150 beds hotel with bckround(realization in 2010) and activities of wellnes center.In this area is located also a hydroecological explored geothermal bore, in which water is comparable with water from Death sea because of high concentration od potassium and sodium salt. This water could achived 110◦C and there for has great potentional for realization of geothermal complex and Aqua park.


Továrenska ul. 5486 , Malacky , 90101

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