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Kúpele Vyšné Ružbachy
Kúpele Vyšné Ružbachy

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Come and enjoy relaxation at the foot of the national parks – TANAP and PIENAP – and experience beneficial effects of water from Izabela spring which has been a source of healing for more than 400 years. Former owner, Polish nobleman Zamoysky, had the exclusive Biely dom (White house) built for his wife, Spanish princess Izabela, as an expression of love. When constructing the building he nobleman was inspired by the grand palace in Monte Carlo. Later one of the mineral springs which contains a significant amount of calcium, magnesium, lithium and even has antidepressant effects was named by Izabela. Another gem of the surroundings, Lake Kráter declared a protected national monument, is filled with the thermal water from Izabela spring. More than 50 different treatments allows you to relax and renew your strength. Vyšné Ružbachy Spa offers you heart, blood vessels, psyche, oncology and gynecological diseases treatments. You can also use wide range of the recreational activities from tennis through Nordic walking, mushroom picking and hiking.


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