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Vihorlat Museum in Humenné

Múzeum Humenné
Vihorlatské múzeum v Humennom

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The historical beginnings of the Vihorlat Museum date back to 1960. Currently, there are more than a hundred thousand pieces of collection objects gathered in the museum. Despite the authenticity of each of them, the most valuable finds are the Celtic coins (Ptičie), a mass finding on 17th century coins (Topoľa), unique antique weapons and armour, baroque icons, valuable paintings, original furniture and a lot of other precious collection items.

Roughly 200 meters to the northeast of the castle, there is an exposition of folk architecture. It represents wooden folk architecture of East Carpathian region. Therein, the most typical folk buildings are found, along with one sacral building - a small wooden church of St. Michael, the Archangel from Nová Sedlica, dated to 1764. The main construction material of these buildings is wood, clay, and straw.

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Adults/Children, Students

Art-historical exposition 2,00 € / 1,00 € 
Natural sciences exposition 1,00 € / 0,50 € 
Exposition of folk architecture and housing 2,00 € / 1,00 € 
Gallery Department expositions 1,00 € / 0,50 € 


Nám. Slobody 1 , Humenné , 06601

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