Veľká Domaša


Veľká Domaša is the pride of Eastern Slovakia. The water reservoir covers the area of 15 km2 and holds water with a capacity of 185 millions m3. The tank was built due to lack of drinking water, however, each year the dam is full of lovers of swimming and water sports; and thanks to the variety of fish Domaša is very popular among fishermen. Veľká Domaša was built in 1967 on the Ondava River. During construction of the Veľká Domaša water reservoir, six villages were flooded. The preserved St. Stephan the King baroque church comes from Kelča, one of those flooded villages.

Besides beautiful environment and quiet recesses, its attractiveness is no less enhanced by clear, turquoise water with excellent self-cleaning capacity, which provides a habitat for 23 species of fish (carp, pike, zander, catfish, ide...).

There are five resorts on the lakeside – Dobrá, Poľany, Holčíkovce, Nová Kelča, and Vaľkov. Each one of these offers accommodation by means of hotels, pensions, or camping. There are tidy beaches, sport equipment rentals, sport-grounds, restaurants, and fast-food. Very popular is an artificial beach with a rock dam in the Nová Kelča resort. Since Veľká Domaša is with its water temperature of 23°C one of the warmest artificial lakes in Slovakia, it is especially suitable for fans of windsurfing and swimming. During summertime, most resorts exhibit lively nightlife, including discos and various cultural events.


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