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Tourist route to Vršatec castle

Vršatecké skaly

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Active and perfect relax in the terrain easy to be managed and fresh air are musts to be experienced during the gentle stroll directed towards the Vršatec Castle. The splendid outlook on the countryside around shall be the sufficient reward. The site is a great attraction for the cross-country skiers in winter and in the course of other months the cyclists shall find it irresistibly magnetic. 

Tourist route:

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Pruské 245 m 0:00 h zelená trasa
Kalvária  430 m 1:15 h zelená trasa

Sedlo Chotuč

 616 m 2:15 h modrá trasa

Vršatské Podhradie

 650 m 2:45 h modrá trasa

Hrad Vršatec

 825 m 3:00 h modrá trasa

Vršatské Podhradie

 650 m 3:15 h

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