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Tourist route - Červený kláštor municipality

Červený kláštor

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Route in the direction of the Červený kláštor municipality leads through the most exquisite part of the National Natural Park of Pieniny with great diversity of natural beauties. The medium difficult way winds itself through magical natural scenery with traditional names like Jánošík's jump or the Seven monks (Sedem mníchov) around the rafts dock up to the Red convent. One day only is enough to get numerous and unique experiences. more information about Červený kláštor and attractions in surroundings...


Tourist route:

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Červený Kláštor 465 m 0:00 h červená trasa

Prístav pltí v ústí Lesníckeho potoka

 440 m 2:00 h modrá trasa


 492 m 2:30 h zelená trasa červená trasa


 889 m 3:30 h červená trasa

Sedlo nad Cerlou

 600 m 4:00 h červená trasa

Červený Kláštor

 465 m 4:30 h




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Recommended hotels

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