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Tatras cycling route

Tatranská cyklomagistrála

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Do you rank yourself among the tourists for whom every ride is a challenge? Then a visit of the Eastern High Tatras mountains is the right thing for you. There can be many, more or less, demanding cycle paths found here, which will guide you around these robust mountain range. The cycling route in the Tichá and Kôprová dolina (basin-shaped valley) has a gentle gradient and during your cycle touring, you will see the nature beauties of the Western and Eastern High Tatras mountains. The cycling route along the Cesta Slobody (the Road of Freedom) connects two important holiday resorts – Liptovský hrádok and Kežmarok. On its route, you will go through all known resorts, such as Štrbské pleso, Starý Smokovec and Tatranská Lomnica. Hence, a bike is an ideal means of transport to know widely of these magnificent mountains. 


Schedule Altitude Distance
Tatranská Lomnica 842 m
Veľká Lomnica 639 m 8,5 km
Mlynica 683 m 13,0 km
Nová Lesná 736 m 17,0 km
Malý Smokovec                      835 m 18,5 km
Starý Smokovec 1000 m 21,5 km
Horný Smokovec 950 m 23,0 km
Tatranská Lesná 915 m 24,5 km
Tatranská Lomnica 842 m 27,5 km

Schedule Altitude Distance
Červený Kláštor 480 m
Haligovce 520 m 2,5 km
Veľká Lesná 597 m 7,5 km
Pustovec 703 m 13,5 km
Toporec                                 606 m 18,0 km
Podolínec 570 m 22,0 km
Nižné Ružbachy 555 m  27,0 km
Hniezdne 539 m  35,0 km
Kamienk 593 m  40,0 km
Stráňany 662 m  47,0 km
Veľký Lípnik 580 m 50,0 km
Haligovce 520 m 54,0 km
Červený Kláštor 480 m 57,0 km

Schedule Altitude Distance
Poprad 672 m
Spišská Teplica 700 m 4,0 km
Svit 720 m 6,0 km
Most cez rieku Mlynica 740 m 8,0 km
Chata Lopušná 860 m 13,5 km
Nižná Šuňava 840 m 15,5 km
Vyšná Šuňava 870 m  17,5 km
Biely Potok 800 m  21,0 km
Rázcestie u Liptovskej Tepličky 860 m  27,5 km
Vykartovský mlyn 870 m  28,0 km
Vykartovce 756 m 32,5 km
Kravany 710 m 36,5 km
Poprad 672 m 47,0 km



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Recommended hotels

Recommended hotels

Villa Magnólia Tatranská Lomnica
Villa Magnólia Tatranská Lomnicafrom €15,00/person

Tatry Holiday Resort Veľký Slavkov
Tatry Holiday Resort Veľký Slavkovfrom €14,50/person

Villa Beatrice*** Tatranská Lomnica
Vila Beatrice*** Tatranská Lomnicafrom €19,00/person

Hotel International**** Veľká Lomnica
Hotel International**** Veľká Lomnicafrom €49,00/person

Hotel Hills
Hotel Hills**** Stará Lesnáfrom €50,00/person

Hotel Club*** Kežmarok
Hotel Club*** Kežmarokfrom €23,50/person

Villa Júlia Tatranská Lomnica
Villa Júlia Tatranská Lomnicafrom €18,50/person

Penzión u Šeliho*** Veľká Lomnica
B&B u Šeliho*** Veľká Lomnicafrom €20,00/person

Grand Hotel Bellevue
Grand Hotel Bellevue**** Vysoké Tatryfrom €100,00/person


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