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Svätojánsky church (Geographical center of Europe)

Svätojánsky kostol (Stred Európy)

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Svätojánsky Church (Church of st. John) was built in 13th century near by the mines of Kremnica. We don’t know why this church stands in the middle of the meadowlands, but people created many legends about this church. Supposedly it was built on this place and becuase of that, none of the six surrounding villages was not advantaged , because church was not to serve just for people from one village. The main attraction in this region is, that this area around Kremica is geographical center of Europe. The symbolic center of Europe in the form of the boulder is located near by western wall of the church. On the memorial there are some tables, which reminiscent of some important historic terms in Slovakia: the adoption of the Constitution, Declaration of the Slovak Republic on 1st January 1993.


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