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Thanks to favourable climatic conditions this region used to be especially suitable for settlement from the earliest times. This is proven by numerous findings in the lower basin of the Hron River, in the northern part of the Danubian Plain as well as at the foot of the Tribec Mountain Range. The southwest of Slovakia thus has a rich history from the early and middle Paleozoic Era. The finding of the Moravian Venus proves that this territory was settled already during the prehistoric ages. This archaeological artefact is of special significance and it is situated in the Bratislava Castle Treasury. Further remains of ancient civilisations can be found in the vicinity of the Bratislava City. The Romans have built their military camps in Devín and Rusovce (Gerulata). Other historical and artistic artefacts can be admired in the Slovak National Museum and in the Slovak National Gallery.

Capital city - Bratislava

bratislavaThe most popular place with tourists and the most frequented city in the Southwestern Slovakia is Bratislava which is one of the youngest European capitals. It abounds with architectural monuments from various historical periods. The Bratislava Castle (Bratislavský hrad) is the dominant one and it symbolizes its rich history. There is a magnificent view of the Old Town and neighbouring Austria and Hungary from its courtyard. The St. Martin Gothic Cathedral (Dóm sv. Martina) with a gold-coated replica of the Ugrian Royal Crown is located underneath the Castle. Picturesque streets in the Old Town will lead you to other monuments such as the Michael’s Tower (Michalská veža), Mirbach Palace (Mirbachov palác), Maximilian’s Fountain (Maximiliánova fontána) in the Main Square (Hlavné námestie) or Primatial Palace (Primaciálny palác). The Hviezdoslav Square (Hviezdoslavovo námestie) which is dominated by the building of the Slovak National Theatre is also a favourite place for walks. Some of the other Bratislava’s places of interest include the Dinopark and the ZOO Bratislava, Botanical Garden, Zlaté piesky sports and recreational area, bobsleigh track in Koliba or boat trips to Vienna or to the Devín Castle of the Danube River. Tourists will certainly appreciate a plenty of cultural events such as the Bratislava theatre performances, classical music concerts, traditional Jazz Days. Bratislava also has a rich nightlife. Apart from the concerts of both local and famous foreign bands and singers you can enjoy strolling through the Bratislava promenade which comes back to life every evening.

devínska kobylaThere are many hiking routes in the vicinity of the Slovakia’s capital city. The most popular one is the route to the nature reservation Devínska kobyla which is the most western point of the Carpathian Mountains in Slovakia. It provides for a beautiful view of the Morava River just before its entry into the Danube River. Since 1964 its western riverbanks have been a protected natural reserve. Sandberg is an interesting location in the Devínska kobyla natural reserve from the viewpoint of palaeontology and geology – it is the remains of a sea cliff with findings of fossils.

Wine route

hrad červený kameňThe Small Carpathian Wine Route (Malokarpatská vínna cesta) is another matter of interest - it joins Bratislava with Trnava and it passes through small towns which take pride in their tradition of free royal towns such as the town of Pezinok, Modra or Svätý Jur. They have earned this privilege thanks to their production of top-quality wine. The Small Carpathian Wine Route offers all-year round events related to the cultivation of vineyard and production of wine.

The Driny Cave (jaskyňa Driny) is a protected natural creation situated close to the Červený Kameň Castle (Hrad Červený Kameň) which is very popular with tourists. This is the only cave in the Smolenice Carst (Smolenický kras) available to public and it is impressing for its genesis and sintered decoration.

Golf resorts and aquaparks

golf bernolákovoGolf lovers will be also delighted. The Golf and Country Club Bernolákovo is a famous golf club. Thanks to its location close to the capital city you can take part in cultural events in Bratislava or enjoy fun in the Aquapark Senec.


International cycling routes next to the historical monuments

malé karpatyThere are hundreds of kilometres of cycle trails in the southwest of Slovakia. They are marked in four different colours: red for long-distances routes, blue for longer parallel routes, green for round trips and yellow for easy short routes. The Danube cycling route is one of the most famous cycle routes. It mostly consists of asphalt roads. In the section from the Bratislava city district Petržalka to Rusovce it is very popular with inline skaters. Slovakia is a part of the International Danube Cycle Road which leads from Austria to Hungary. Amongst other things you can get to know the capitals of these countries if you follow this cycle road. The Small Carpathian Cycle Route passes underneath the Small Carpathians. It leads from the town of Nové mesto nad Váhom to the worn of Vysoká na Morave. You can see numerous picturesque small Slovak towns, several castles and views of the wonderful Small Carpathian Mountains.


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