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The Southcentral Slovakia is a region attracting you by its various animated nature and inanimate nature, as well. It is a paradise for tourists who are always hungry for the new places. Come here to discover the Slovak rich forests with the high abundance of animals and attracted natural beauties of the surrounding countryside. Or are you interested more in a number of the cultural – historical monuments and folk architecture? You will be enchanted certainly by a contrast of deep forests, picturesque villages and historical towns in the Southcentral Slovakia. In winter months the Southcentral Slovakia changes into a paradise for skiers. Choose from a number of downhill courses for an active relaxation and then relax in some of the thermal swimming pools and health resorts placed in the surroundings. The Southcentral Slovakia offers you a wide opportunities how to experience pleasantly your leisure time. Whether you will decide for enjoyment of sport or you will decide to discover the nature and take full participation in cultural and historical activities, you will find certainly something irresistible and magical in the heart of Slovakia.  

Historical places

banská štiavnicaThe interesting historically and from the view of tourism very popular towns of this region include Banská Štiavnica having being listed in the List of UNESCO since 1993. Exploitation and ore treatment, especially gold and silver, reaches as far back as the Bronze Age in this old mining town. From the thirteenth century, the fortifications and town’s coat of arms having being the oldest preserved coat of arms in Slovakia, come from. Immediately on your arrival to Banská Štaivnica, a dominant of this town, i.e. the New Chateau towering on the hill called as Dievčenský vrch, will attract your attention. It can be found here the exposition of anti-Turkish fights in Slovakia. A forgettable view of the town and its wide surroundings is turned up you from the top storey. A complex of the Old Chateau towers on the foothills called as Paradajz. A part of which is the Church of the Holy Virgin, Chapel of Saint Michael, but also Bastion called as “Himmelreich” using as a prison and torture chamber in the past. At present the exhibition of the Slovak Mining Museum is situated in this object. An open-air museum placed in the original part of the Ondrej shaft and Bartolomej drift is situated here near to Banská Štiavnica. To the south of Banská Štiavnica a Chateau in Svätý Anton can be found. Nowadays, this national cultural monument serves as a museum, in which you can visit the exhibitions of hunting weapons, more than 2,000 pieces of hunting trophies and collection of abnormalities.

banská bystricaOne of those towns having been declared firstly to be the urban conservation area in Slovakia is Banská Bystrica. A history of which comes back to the times of gold and silver exploitation in this region. A core of Banská Bystrica town is a historical heritage and its castle area was declared to be the national cultural monument. In walking the streets of Banská Bystrica it is also worth seeing the Thurzo's house, Parish Church and old Town Hall. The popular places for tourists include also the Museum SNP, State Gallery, Post Museum, Literary and Musical Museum, or small city train Pretórium. Only a few kilometres far from Banská Bystrica, the Zvolen town is situated here, in which you can find several important cultural and historical monuments. There are two royal residences situated in Zvolen, and it is Zvolen castle and Pustý Castle. Despite the ongoing archaeological research, the Pustý Castle is open continuously to the public. The sought after places of this region, from the view of tourism, include also the enchanting Bojnice castle and its ZOO Bojnice.  

Beautiful nature

štiavnické vrchyAn ideal place for spending your leisure time is the Štiavnické vrchy. There can be many marked footpaths and interesting cycling routes found in this biggest volcanic mountain in the West Carpathian. Attractiveness of this region is supported also by the water reservoirs – called as tajchy, which together with feeding brooks and headwater channels form a unique water technical system. However, today they serve especially for the recreational purposes. Thanks to many its sights of nature and varieties, the Kremnické vrchy is also sought after by the tourists. Numerous works of nature attracting your attention by its uniqueness can be found here. There can be more than 500 kilometres of marked footpaths found in the surroundings of Banská Bystrica. Thanks to the high level of marked footpaths, Banská Bystrica is classified as the best marked regions for the needs of tourism in Slovakia. Since 2007, the new footpaths on the territory of the Urban Forests are at tourists’ disposal, such as the Urban Forest-Park Urpín – Stará kopa, or Urban Forest-Park Podlavice – Laskomer. The Forestry Open-air Museum in Vydrová valley in Čierny Balog is an ideal place for those who can join a hiking with exploring the nature. The interesting exhibits placed in the instructive footpath offer the new views of life-giving abilities of forest. A popular is also the attractive trip by the historical Čiernohorská railway line. Many attractive cycling routes are situated especially in Štiavnické vrchy. The routes leading to Krížna, Kordíky or Brestová in the surroundings of Banská Bystrica are suitable also for the physically more fit cyclists.

Bath towns

kúpele sliačThe popular places of relaxation situated in the South of the central Slovakia include the thermal spas.  There is the swimming pool with temperature of water 26°C at the visitors’ disposal In Santovka. Water that rises here is suitable for treatment of the neurotic diseases and diseases of heart rheumatism. The mineral water Santovka received its name due to the village name. In the bath town Sliač you can find the specialized health resort facility with long-standing tradition. One of four springs of natural isothermal temperature in the world rises just here. Besides the curative procedures the visitors of this health resort have got the opportunity to visit also the cultural and sports events, concerts, and to enjoy the walks and discover the interesting places in the surroundings. The other visited health resorts include bath town Sklené Teplice and bath town Turčianske Teplice that offers to its visitors a complex wellness services and many sports activities.  

Golf and ski resorts

park snow donovalyOne of the most known golf-courses in Slovakia is situated just in the heart of Slovakia – in Tále. The golf club Tále is the only one club in the golf-course Grey Bear, which is the first championship golf-course in Slovakia. This golf course is situated in the recreational area encircled by the splendid forests. Hence, the visitors can take pleasure in trips to the surrounding forests and in winter also skiing on the downhill courses of ski resort Tále. The skiers of all categories can get their moneys’ worth in winter months also in PARK SNOW Donovaly. Various hills in the surroundings can offer the enjoyment of sport of the high quality. The most visited Slovak ski resorts in the surroundings include the Ski Resort in Banská Štiavnica, Krahule, Skalka pri Kamenici or Mýto pod Ďumbierom.  


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