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Badínsky prales

Badínsky forest

In the trail of Prince Charles spend an extraordinary hike in rainforest. Badínsky Forest offers one of the oldest protected area in Slovakia, original beechwood, rare elmtree, interesting trails.

Banská Bystrica

Banská Bystrica

The town remembers the 13th century, beginnings of the mining works in the region and it was the birthplace of the Slovak National Uprising during the World War II. In Banská Bystrica you will find historical heritage in center of town, Castle area - national culture monument or Clock tower with the splendid outlook.

Banskobystrická cyklomagistrála

Banská Bystrica cycling route

If you decided to visit Banska Bystrica, taking a bicycle will be the best way how to enjoy this trip. Banskobystrická cycling route offers you many ways how to know villages and towns around, trip to amazing nature of Donovaly.

Turistika okolo Banskej Bystrice

Banská Bystrica town and its surroundings

Enjoy hiking in one of the best signed hiking areas in Slovakia. Hiking in Banská Bystrica surrounding offers more than 500 km of hiking paths, new paths of Town forests, stay in nature just a few kilometers from town, round paths in forestparks.

Cykloturistika Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica cycling route

Take a bike trip and admire amazing nature and mining history by cycling routes in Štiavnické vrchy mountains. Cycling routes in Štiavnické vrchy mountains offers you system of forest road network, Mining Museum with its underground exhibitions.

Stredoslovenské múzeum Banská Bystrica

Central Slovakian museum Banská Bystrica

Central Slovakian museum was founded in 1889 and nowadays it is the oldest cultural institution in the city.

Domica resort

Domica Resort

Visit Domica Resort in the heart of the untouched nature of the Slovak Karst National Park and store up your energies in perfect harmony with nature. Domica Resort offers unique wellness programs, a fantastic mythical world for children, animation and environment suitable for hiking, biking, or skiing.



On the border of two national parks, Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry) and Greater Fatra (Veľká Fatra), there is a tourist centre Donovaly, situated in a splendid environment. A sought-after tourist centre suitable for both winter and summer vacation term, characterized by beautiful environment, wide range of additional services and the surroundings abundant with attractions.

Hrad Krásna Hôrka

Krásna Hôrka Castle

Join us on our journey and get to know our history and our art-history heritage through the medieval castle of the Andrássy family. At Krásna Hôrka Castle you will find exposition of weapons, the visible transformation of architecture, a rare collection of historical furniture.



The ancient town with the council castle complex situated in the center with the charnel house and ossuary. Kremnica offers you expositions of the Kremnica Coin and Medal Museum, the Church of St. Catherine with precious organ, National mint, which is the oldest in the world.

Kremnická cyklomagistrála

Kremnica cycling route

Explore the magnificent nooks of the Kremnické vrchy mountains on your bike. Kremnica cycling route offers route suitable for the long-distance cyclists, history of the Slovak money.

Kremnické vrchy

Kremnica mountains

Thanks to a number of their natural peculiarities and varieties, the Kremnické vrchy mountains are also sought-after by the tourists. Let you enchant yourself by the magnificent sceneries of Kremnické vrchy mountains and get to know all beautiful places situated here.

Mincovňa Kremnica

Mint in Kremnica

Famous mint in Kremnica was built due to the law in 1328 by King Charles Robert who established a mint and permited a minting of coins. It is considered as one of the world's oldest mints, at the begining florins and later ducats were minted here and constantly minting the state money, and commemorative coins.

Nový zámok Banská Štiavnica

New chateau Banská Štiavnica

The new chateau was build on the Dievčenský hill. It was one of the guardian towers, which were protecting the town against the Turkey invasion. The new chateau offers you exposition speaking about anti-turkey battles in Slovakia, six floors and many corner bastions and gun-pits, magnificent view on the town.

Starý zámok

Old chateau Banská Štiavnica

The Old chateau, a large threenaved basilica, lies on the perk of the mount Paradajz. The part above the ground the dead were burried and bones in the underground part. Old chateau offers you exposition of baroque plastic art, world-famous banskoštiavnické tobacco-pipe craft.



Visit the biggest and the most important town of Northern Gemer, that since 1776 has been the seat of Rožňava Bishopric. In Rožňava town you will find interesting churches, Mining Museum with expositions of geology, natural history, mining, metallurgy, beautiful surroundings which is the part of the national park.

Salamandra Resort

Salamandra Resort

The new ski resort near by Banská Štiavnica town. In Salamandra Resort waiting for you modern four-seat chairlift, unique atmosphere of Štiavnica Hills, great sport opportunities.

Skalka arena

Skalka Arena

Come and go skiing in the Kremnické mountains. Ski resort Skalka Arena offers center of cross-country skiing, spectacular view, 4-seat chair lift, wellness Services.

Ski Krahule

Ski Krahule

Skiing in the middle of Europe! Ski Resort Ski Krahule offers Ski center in Krahule village, 4-seat chair lift, Night skiing.

Slovenský kras

Slovak Karst

The largest karstic area in Slovak republic constituted by limestone and dolomite. Slovak Karst (Slovenský kras) is famous for its many splendid caves of global importance. People, who love hiking and caves will find Slovak karst unforgettable.

Kúpele Brusno

Spa Brusno

Let yourself be tempted to visit the spa Brusno. Healing mineral waters are suitable for the treatment of diseases of the digestive and circulatory system, locomotive organs and diabetes. Spa Brusno offers you natural healing water Brusnianku, quiet wooded valley Horehronie.

Kúpele Sliač

Spa Sliač

The bath town Sliač is more than 750 years known. Spa Sliač offers the most important and the richest is the Bath spring, relaxation and wellness facilities.

Svätojánsky kostol (Stred Európy)

Svätojánsky church (Geographical center of Europe)

The picturesque landscape near mines of Kremnica offers you great opportunities to visit interesting Svätojánsky church, which is the geographical center of Europe. You can also visit modern Kapucínsky monastery, which is located next to Svätojánsky church.



Come to ski resort only 10 km from Banská Bystrica town! Šachtičky offers 5 lifts, children's area, 9 ski slopes of varying difficulty, 14 km of cross-country trails.

Štiavnické vrchy

Štiavnické vrchy mountains

Enjoy the largest volcanic mountain of Western Carpathia and the beauty of its diverse nature. In Štiavnica mountains (Štiavnické vrchy) you will find a number of hiking and cylicing tracks, a beautiful look from the peak of Sitno and refreshment in artificial lakes – "tajchs". 


Tále Ski, Golf & Hotel Resort

In the immediate proximity to the golf course, the Tále ski resort is found. This resort offers 6 ski lifts and 5 ski slopes, night skiing on the 1.5 km long track, snowboard park, and cross-country ski track surrounded by the snow-clad golf course.

Kostol sv. Kataríny Banská Štiavnica

The church of St. Catherine in Banská Štiavnica

Late-gothic Church of 15th century. Church of St. Catherine offers you crypt which they used to bury mayors, pipe organ.

Kostol sv. Katariny

The Church of St. Catherine Kremnica

In Gothic church of st. Catherine from 15 century, there is the precious altar, which is comparable with parameters on European level. In Church of St. Catherine you can see valuable art works, altars decorated with carving and gilding, renaissance marble baptistery.

Kúpele Sklené Teplice

Thermal Spa Sklené Teplice

In a beautiful valley, on the hillside of Štiavnické mountains, baths Sklené Teplice is situated. Sklené Teplice offers you the temperature of its hot-springs varies from 37°C to 52°C, hot-springs used for treatment of mobile apparatus and nerve system, visiting this bathtown in any season of the year.

Vodný raj Vyhne

Water Paradise Vyhne

Water Paradise Vyhne is a unique aqua park open all year round. It lies at the beginning of the protected area of Štiavnické vrchy amidst beautiful nature and only 15 km from the historical town of Banská Štiavnica. more info…



The city was the seat of Ugrian kings and its buildings are interwoven with history. Zvolen offers two enormous royalty seats here – The Deserted castle and Zvolenský castle, possibility of relaxation in the nearby baths Sliač and Kováčová, beautiful nature.


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