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Slovak paradise cycling route

Cykloturistika Slovenský raj

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The Slovenský raj (the Slovak paradise) mountain is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural regions. You can visit it also by using a bike. There are several cycle paths for the mountain bikes situated in the Slovenský raj mountain. The known is the path leads from Podlesok to Kláštorisko. Through the col Kopanec in this mountain you can come to Dedinky village from the north and you can also ride your bike in the Geravy region. Many cycle tours in the Slovenský raj mountain are characterized by the fact that you must often put your bike on your back and carry it along the terrain impossible to ride on. At present there are eight cycle routes here, which are situated especially in the conservation area of the National Park.  There are also a few unmarked paths situated here, on which you can experience equally the beauties of nature and interesting views with joy in this National Park.  


Schedule Altitude Distance
Hrabušice 550 m 27,5 km
Sedlo Kopanec 987 m 30,0 km
Stratená 790 m 35,0 km
Palcmanská Maša 770 m 36,0 km
Prostredný Hámor 770 m 37,5 km
Biele Vody 790 m 39,5 km
Sedlo Čertova hlava 1055 m 49,5 km
Novoveská Huta 564 m 57,5 km
Spišská Nová Ves 470 m 61,5 km
Smižany 487 m 63,5 km
rázcestie pri Čingove 500 m 65,0 km
Spišské Tomášovce 530 m 71,0 km 
Spišský Štvrtok 570 m 76,5 km 
Hrabušice 550 m  

Schedule Altitude Distance
Spišská Belá 640 m 14 km
Magurské sedlo 950 m 19 km
Hágy 700 m 29 km
Spišská Stará Ves 500 m 36 km
Červený kláštor 480 m 45 km
Veľká Lesná 600 m 50 km
Toporecké sedlo 800 m 55 km
Toporec 600 m 60 km
Podolínec 580 m

Schedule Altitude Distance
Rakovec 720 m 8 km
sedlo Súlová 900 m 14 km
Peklisko 600 m 18 km
Hnilec 670 m 24 km
Rakovec 720 m



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