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Museum of natural science in Bratislava

Slovenské národné múzeum Bratislava
Slovenské národné múzeum Bratislava

Museum of natural science in Bratislava is the biggest museum of scientific character in Slovakia. For its collections Slovak National Museum ranks among the significant European Museums. You may admire approximately 2.4 millions of permanent exhibits in expositons like Fauna of Slovakia, The Jewels of the Earth, the Prehistory of life, Variations of the world's plants, The Miracle of the nature – the Biodiversity of the Earth. Museum with its monumental building is located near by Bratislava ship port and it is a part of all-slovakian network with 18 museums of Slovak National Museum which managed in Bratislava also Archeological Museum with collection of archeological finds from premieval ages until modern time, Museum of Jewish culture representing culture and way of living of Jews in Slovakia, Museum of Hungarian culture in Slovakia, Museum of Carpathian German´s culture or Museum of Croat´s culture in Slovakia. more information about museum and attractions in surroundings...


Opening hours:

Day Opening hours
Tue - Sun 9.00 - 17.00


Admission Price
Basic admission 3,50 €
Discounted admission (Pupils, students, retirees) 2,00 €
Family admission - small (2 adults + 2 children) 5,00 €
Family admission - big (2 adults + 3 children) 8,00 €


Vajanského nábr.č. 2 , Bratislava , 81006

Contact details

  • Phone: +421 2 59 34 91 11, +421 2 59 34 91 21
  • Fax: +421 2 52 92 43 44

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