Slovak Karst

Slovenský kras

The Slovak Karst is situated on the Slovak–Hungarian border, surrounded by the South-Slovak, Rožňavská and Košická Basin and Volovské Hills. It is the largest karst area in Slovakia. A huge area (3490 km2) of its whole territory of 3610 km2 is declared protected. It is divided into 7 plains: Koniarska Plain, Plešivská Plain, Silická Plain, Horný Vrch (Upper Hill), Zádielska Plain, Jasovská Plain and Dolný vrch (Lower Hill). Jepšavský Karst is situated on the western corner of the Slovak Karst. The Slovak Karst consists of dolomites and limestone in the southern parts almost 400-500 m thick and is divided by deep canyons created by the rivers Slaná and Štítnik as well as by the streams Zádielsky and Hájsky. The plains are full of numerous sinkholes, springs, caves and abysses. You can even find thermophilic flora with endemic features here which is more typical for steppe and forrest-steppe belts. The marked tourist paths are leading to the most wonderful karst phenomena and the most appealing valleys of the area. Domica Cave, Jasovská Cave, Gombasecká Cave, Silická ľadnica are easily accessible. The most suitable starting points are: Rožňava, Jasov, Zádielske Dvorníky, Silica, Kečovo, Plešivec, Štítnik and Turnianske Podhradie.


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Recommended hotels

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