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Prices for horse-riding services:

Horse riding Price
walk in the countryside small circuit (cca 30 min. at the walk)  7 €
walk in the countryside large circuit (cca 1 hour at the walk) 12 €
riding in a riding-school 30 min. 7 €
riding in a riding-school 1 hour 12 €
leading children 1 circuit 1 €
10hour horse-riding training   100 €

More information on the pricelist can be found here

  • Horse-riding in the countryside: the minimum duration is 1 hour, which includes also preparation of the horse. It is possible to go for a several hours walk. Beginners can go through it only at the walk, intermediate riders can go also at the trot. For security reasons, we do not offer galloping in the countryside, and all tours are provided under the supervision of an authorized worker.
  • Riding in the riding school: we provide riding lessons in the outdoor riding school for adults and for children over 10 years; the minimum duration is 30 min., which includes also preparation of the horse.
  • Leading children: age is not limited; the horse is led on the ring by a worker.
  • Riders must be equipped with a security helmet before riding, and they are instructed in the basic security rules in working with horses.


Slovak Hucul Club is an environmental non-profit organization founded to rescue and protect Hucul horses, and it is located in the Lom nad Rimavicou village (district of Brezno). It was founded in 1999, and currently consists of about 30 members. They are not indifferent to the fate of Hucul horses. Hucul – is the original horse breed of the Carpathian arc, a direct descendant of the wild Tarpan horse, whose development was influenced by a man by crossing with other breeds. At the same time, it was domesticated, bred in the mountains, what made possible for Hucul horse to retain the characteristics of wild horses. Hucul horse, thanks to its characteristics, can be used in tourism. Come and try to ride the hucul horse in the beautiful countryside. This offers unforgettable experience. Beautiful mountain walks will create a pleasurable atmosphere and help you relax from everyday worries.


  • walks in the countryside
  • riding in the riding school
  • 10hour riding training
  • journey on the horseback
  • Weekly summer children's riding courses
  • horse hotel
  • leading children
  • school trips
  • corporate events
  • horsemanship seminars
  • consultancy on breeding the Hucul horses
  • Brigand School (knife throwing, archery)


Lom nad Rimavicou 4 , Lom nad Rimavicou , 97653

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