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Skicentrum Strednica Ždiar

Skicentrum Strednica Ždiar
Skicentrum Strednica Ždiar

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Type Adults Children+Pensioners
 Daily ticket  14,50 €  11,50 €
 1 hour    8,50 €    5,50 €
 2 hours  10,50 €    7,50 €
 4 hours  12,50 €    9,50 €
 1 day  14,50 €  11,50 €
 2 days  27,00 €  21,00 €
 3 days  39,00 €   30,00 €  
 4 days  52,00 €  39,00 €
 5 days  64,00 €  48,00 €
 6 days  76,00 €  57,00 €


Skicentrum Strednica Ždiar is in terms of carrying capacity (6,080 person/hour) the biggest ski resort in High Tatras. Designed both for demanding skiers and beginners. It has a 9 lifts and slopes with artificial lighting for night skiing. Located at the foot of Belianske Tatras mountain meadows with rough terrain. Skicentrum Strednica Ždiar is especially suitable for group tours and families with small children. Throughout the winter season there are ski kindergarten for children, ski schol for adult beginners and ski buffet. The ski area offers great parking conditions.  

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Ždiar 670 , Ždiar , 05955

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