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STM - NKP Saltworks near Prešov

Solivar pri Prešove

Saltworks near Prešov comes from the 17th century. Especially shaft Leopold, brine reservoirs, smalter, boilery, salt storage chamber, forge and knocker belong to the objects for mining the rock salt and pumping the brine. Shaft Leopold was the central piece of work. Original area of the former pelvic saltworks was created and shaped by other objects such as salty baths, machine room, depot and others. Basically they are buildings without appropriate technical equipment and basic inventory. For completeness we have to mention the bell tower which in earlier times served as a knocker. Knocking on the board it indicated the start of the working hours and other significant events (natural disasters) to the miners or employees of the governmental companies.  In 2001, Slovak Museum of Technology (Slovenské technické múzeum) opened to public the exposition entitled THE HISTORY OF SALT MINING AND PRODUCTION OF SALT IN SOLIVAR (DEJINY ŤAŽBY A VÝROBY SOLI V SOLIVARE) in the saltworks building. The bell tower ended its mission after the First World War. Area of pelvic saltworks as a unique complex of technical-technological and other objects does not have similar competitor in the field of technical monuments in Slovakia.

Opening hours                        

Day Time
 Mon - Sat 9.00 - 17.00 


Entrance Price
 Adults 2,50 € 
 Discounted ticket 1,50 € 
 Family ticket 4,00 € 
 Concessions (over 70 yrs with ID) free


Zborovská 2/A , Prešov Solivar , 08005

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