Rožňava is the biggest and the most important town of Northern Gemer and since 1776 has been the seat of Rožňava Bishopric. Originally, it was also an important mining town with widespread privileges. The town’s centre is a wide square shaped square with interesting buildings from the last centuries. There are also some interesting churches in the town. Bishop's Cathedral, originally a parish church, is a monumental Gothic construction with beautiful vaults and Baroque furnishing. From the old furnishing the most valuable is the table painting from 1513 which introduces St. Anna Samotretia (known as Metercia of Rožňava). The background of the picture shows all kinds of mining works from the survey of mining field to the transporting of ore. There is even a stone pastofory dating back to 1507. Next to the parish church is the Classicist building of the town hospital. In the line of the houses on the main square are the Franciscan monastery and also a beautifulchurch with Baroque furnishing. The Town Tower is in the middle of the main square as the remnant of the original Town Hall. Next to it the former Jesuit church, which dates back to the middle of the 17th century, is interesting because of the fact that it had to be built by the Protestants to please the Jesuits. The other dominant feature of the square is the monument of St. Františka Andrássy which was removed from the square for a long time in the past. Today’s town hall is seated in a building from the year 1711. The Baroque-Classicist Episcopial Residence dates back to the end of the 18th century and in front of it stands a Baroque pestilential column. The Protestant Church from the 18th century is out of the square as well as the Secessionist Church and the meeting-place of the Reformed Church from the years 1904–1905. The remarkable Mining Museum of the town can be found in a Secessionist building from the year 1910 and the visitors can see expositions from the fields of geology, natural history, mining and metallurgy. South to the town is Silicka Planina which is the part of the Slovak Karst National Park. Northern tourist paths are leading to areas of Volovské Hills and its main ridge.

Distance from airports:

  • Bratislava 332 km
  • Poprad 65 km
  • Košice 80 km


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