Thanks to their variety, the Slovak regions offer you many opportunities for full participation in the cultural and social activities and enjoyment of sport, as well. In spite of the fact that Slovakia is ranked among the small countries, it has got really many experience prepared to its visitors. The enthusiasts of history, winter and summer sports will get their money’s worth here, but also those who will come here to relax or become acquainted with the new people and their customs.   


Northwestern Slovakia

You will surely appreciate diversity of the northwestern region of Slovakia. Whether you choose low hilly areas or high mountains, your walks will be crowned with beauty of the surrounding nature. Here, you will be offered hundreds of opportunities for hiking, world-renowned spas, and a plethora of historical monuments.


Southwestern Slovakia

Is the city life appealing to you? Visit southwestern Slovakia! Cities in this region will provide you with many interesting sites and attractions. In southwestern Slovakia you will see the most visited city of Slovakia, the most advanced golf course in Europe, and the historical centre of south Slovakia.  



The north of central Slovakia

In this attractive region of Slovakia you can combine active relaxation with some more laid-back rest as well. In the north of central Slovakia you can go hiking in places with outlook to all the country of Slovakia, the largest Slovak aqua park, a centre of folk architecture, and a Slovak cycling paradise.

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The south of central Slovakia

Many historical towns and monuments from the UNESCO's list of the world's cultural heritage offer you with unforgettable trips back in time through the history of the country. In the south of central Slovakia there is a historical treasury of Slovakia, the best marked-up hiking area, and cave baths.


Northeastern Slovakia

In this region, you will see the symbol of the country – High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry). Follow along the hiking trails or visit medieval towns with their unique architecture. In northeastern Slovakia you will experience a true paradise for tourists and skiers, and you can play golf under the smallest high mountain range in the world, or just enjoy some water relaxation.


Southeastern Slovakia

Southeastern Slovakia is a region of many languages and traditions. Enjoy the marvel of unique tradition of various distinctive regions, or their rich history. In the southeast of Slovakia there is a European Capital of Culture of 2013, mountains with unique caves and the prettiest English park in Slovakia.



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