Prešov is a yet undiscovered gem among the royal Slovak towns. It is here where you can find one of the most important industrial monuments in Slovakia - national cultural monument Solivar, the Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas, baroque Calvary, the Jewish Synagogue, the Greek Catholic church of St. John the Baptist with a rare replica of the Turin Shroud, the Museum of wines and many other attractions. Close to Prešov there are ruins of five castles and famous Dubnica opal mines where the largest opal in the world was found. The opal is also called Harlequin because of its beautiful color. Prešov as the only Slovak town can take pride in the fact that the 49th parallel passes through its historical center. Another interesting fact about Prešov is that there are 325 immovable cultural monuments. Historical center of the town has been one of the oldest urban conservation areas in Slovakia since 1950. Slanské vrchy and Šarišská vrchovina close to Prešov are suitable for the lovers of hiking and biking.


Hlavná 73 , Prešov , 08001

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