Paintball Bratislava

Paintball Bratislava
Paintball Bratislava

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Bratislava Paintball offers you adrenaline, tension and entertainment on two grounds:

Outdoor playground: Outdoor playground with an area of approximately 8000 m2 is located in Bratislava - Lieskovec. This forest was adjusted for a paintball and airsoft with a number of barriers, trenches, hills, and other natural barriers. In this pleasant atmosphere you can also use the possibility of barbecue. 20 m appart from the playfield is also a cafeteria. Come and check out this military style of playing paintball at our playfield in several scenarios such are classical deadmatch, defense strength, whether the flag game.

Indoor playground: Indoor playground is located near by the village Blahová in the recreation center Madarász Park, about 35 km from Bratislava. It is a well preserved three-story hotel, which was adapted for playing paintball and airsoft. On this playfield there are different game scenarios, such are classical deadmatches, ensuring the building before terrorists by CT team , terroristic attack on hotel, put a bomb into the building, salvaged this building by CT team and bomb- disposal, securing the area with the hostages by CT team, destruction of terrorists or playing flags.


Rent a playfield for 3 hours Price
Complete equipment rental and the marker Tippmann 8,00 €
100 pcs balls 5,00 €
Overalls 1,00 €

NOTE: A person who will be organizing the team and match will have up to 50 % discount!


Lieskovec , Bratislava , 82106

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  • Paintball Bratislava
    Paintball Bratislava
    Bratislava Paintball offers you adrenaline, tension and entertainment on two grounds.
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