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Orava cycling route

Oravská cyklomagistrála

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If you are in good form, you can take part in the interesting tours intended for the mountain bikes in the Oravská Magura mountain and Skorušinské vrchy mountain. There are a few local and inter-regional cycle paths, as well, situated in the Orava region. You will be led by the Kysucko-oravská cycle trunk road through Oravská Lesná village as far as Námestovo village. At that place, you can visit the exhibition of the Oravská Gallery, or ride the hill called as Magurka, where you can admire a view of the Orava region and Tatras mountains. The other cycle paths are, for example, Lúčanský circle for the sturdy cyclists, the cycle path to the Kubínska hoľa mountain, or the cycle path along the Roháčska dolina (basin-shaped valley), which is especially suitable, due to its demanding character, for the trained cyclists. Thus, the Orava region offers many opportunities for hiking, you can also find here many interesting cycle paths, on which you can get to know not only the nature, but also history and culture of this region.  


Schedule Altitude Distance
Dolný Kubín 468 m 2,0 km
Veličná 462 m 6,0 km
Istebné Hrádok 460 m 9,0 km
Lučivná 500 m 21,0 km
Terchová 527 m 34,0 km
Zázrivá - križovatka 575 m 36,0 km
Zázrivá - Biele rázcestie 570 m 40,5 km
Lučivná 500 m 44,0 km
Párnica 458 m 47,0 km
Istebné Hrádok 460 m 49,0 km
Veličná 462 m 51,0 km
Dolný Kubín 468 m  53,0 km

Schedule Altitude Distance
Námestovo 614 m 4,0 km
Zubrohlava 620 m 10,0 km
Rabča 661 m 12,0 km
Slaná Voda 750 m 15,5 km
Vožnovec 784 m 24,0 km
Oravská Polhora rázcestie 710 m 27,5 km
Biela Farma 730 m 30,0 km
Sedlo Hliny 810 m 32,5 km
Biela Farma 730 m 34,5 km
Oravská Polhora rázcestie 710 m 37,0 km
Rabča 661 m 47,0 km
Zubrohlava 620 m 48,0 km
Námestovo 614 m  52,0 km

Schedule Altitude Distance
Dolný Kubín 468 m 2,0 km
Dolný Kubín - Malý Bysterec 465 m 4,0 km
Veličná 462 m 6,0 km
Istebné Hrádok 460 m 9,0 km
Párnica 458 m 14,0 km
Bystrička 440 m 17,0 km
Kraľovany 430 m 22,0 km
Šútovo 430 m 25,5 km
Trusalová 440 m 40,0 km
Chata pod Chlebom 1415 m 41,0 km
Snilovské sedlo 1524 m 42,5 km
Veľký Kriváň 1709 m



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