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Balneologické múzeum

Balneological museum Piešťany

In this museum, you will familiarize yourselves with balneal history in Slovakia. Balneological museum offers various historical paintings and postcards, remains of M. R. Štefánik, unique findings from Palaeolithic period, 22 800 years old statue statuette of Moravian Venus.

Hrad Beckov

Beckov castle

History of the castle attracts by more legends, and because of that it is a popular tourist attraction.  One of the most visited ruins in Slovakia, Beckov Castle, offers folk tale of the castle lord, who was enchanted by his servant.

Hrad Čachtice

Čachtice castle

For its reputation on a bloody and relentless Countess Bathory is known as the mysterious castle in the Carpathians. Čachtice castle offers legend "bloody countess" Elizabeth Bathory of 16 and 17th and magnificent views of the surroundings.

Hrad Hrádok

Hrádok castle

Castle near the town Liptovský Hrádok, that the first reference comes from 1341. Hrádok castle offers you beutiful nature and romance of its areas, stylish accomodation, catering.

Kaštieľ Moravany nad Váhom

Chateau Moravany nad Váhom

Come to visit this grandiose Renaissance chateau with magnificent park. Chateau Moravany nad Váhom offers beautiful courtyard, english park unfolds, with a fine art gallery of artists around the globe, House of Slovak fine art artists.

muzeum praveku

Prehistoric Museum

Step into the ancient times of human race, when every day was a hard struggle for bare life. Step into the time of the Neanderthals... Prehistoric Museum offers: plentiful chipped stone tools, fossil animal bones, fireplace remains.


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