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Archeological park Havránok

Havránok is a unique archeological park situated over the water surface of a dam Liptovská Mara and so is one of the oldest cultural monuments in Liptov. Havránok offers eminent slovak archeological site, remains of suburbs from the younger Iron age and beautiful view from the defense tower.

Kaštieľ Blatnica

Blatnica manor house

Come and see small, but atractive Blatnica manor house . Blatnica manor house offers you latebaroque architecture, exposition of old pictures of Slovakia by well known photographer Karol Plicka.

Blatnická dolina

Blatnická valley

Blatnická valley is one of the most watery valley in Fatra. In Blatnická valley you can see a varied vegetation, rare species of plant named Cyklamén Fatranský.

Budatínsky hrad

Budatín castle

Visit the pearl of Slovak traditional culture. Budatín castle offers viewing the collection of naturalistic museum, dominant of Žilina with the unique museum of tinkering art.

Cykloturistika Donovaly

Donovaly cycling route

Have you decided to spend your summer vacation in the pleasant mountainous setting and use your time for cycling, hiking along with getting to know the surroundings?

Gaderská dolina

Gaderská valley

The greatest and most beautiful valley in Turčianska part of Great Fatra. In Gaderská valley you can see pine plantations, rare species of plant named Plesnivec Alpínský, Konský dol valley, reservation Padva and many other attractions of this marvelous site. 

Thermal Park Bešeňová


Do not let go all-year-long water vacation paradise Thermal Park Bešeňová, that you find in just a short distance from towns Martin or Ružomberok. In Thermal Park Bešeňová you will find pools, adrenaline attractions, whirlpools in the open air, stone beach with part for the nudists, glamorous natural environment.

Vrch Straník

Hiking Žilina - Budatín

Žilina offers great possibilities for an easy hiking through beautiful surrounding nature. Unforgettable is the ascent from Žilina to the Budatín castle through the hill Dubeň along the path up to the long-range hill Zástranie which offers magnificent view on the surrounding landscape.

Kvačianska dolina

Instructive path Prosiecka and Kvačianska valleys

Walk through the routes of diverse lengths and admire local fauna and flora of splendid Prosiecka and Kvačianska Valleys. Instructive path Prosiecka and Kvačianska valleys offer you huge stream of the Prosečnianka River, round rocky clearings, waterfalls and caves and rocks.


Instructive path to cottage of Zverovka

Undemanding route leads through the exquisite nature of the spruce forest along the instructive path marked by guide signs to the Zverovka cottage. Instructive path leads you to the wooden log house having served as the emergency hospital for the guerrillas during the World War II.

Jasenská dolina

Jasenská valley

Jasenská valley (Jesenská dolina) is the best-known valley of Greater Fatra (Veľká Fatra) and it is found on the Turiec side of Greater Fatra. You'll find there a yearlong recreation centre and excellent ski centers for both beginners and advanced skiers, Kašová and Lehota.

Jasná Nízke Tatry

Jasná Low Tatras

The best winter on the northern and southern slopes of Chopok. Here you will experience a wonderful ski vacation, having over 35 km of slopes at your disposal.

Kysuce a Javorníky

Kysuce and Javorníky

A distinctive region of Kysuce is a place of isolated settlements and mysterious stone balls. Encounter the magic of the local nature, which also includes beautiful historical monuments in nature. Kysuce and Javorníky offer you meadows, pastures, spruce forests and a natural environment suitable for hiking, skiing.

Kysucká cyklomagistrála

Kysuce cycling route

You can get to know a local colour of the Kysuce and Javorníky regions on your bike. On Kysuce cycling route you can visit the distinctive villages or picturesque isolated settlements. One of those is the Korňanský ropný prameň (crude oil spring), which is the only one rising of the crude mineral oil spring in Slovakia.

Hrad Lietava

Lietava castle

Enjoy beautiful view of surroundings from remains of the massive medieval fortress. Lietava castle is one of the most largest fortresses in Slovakia and ideal place for hiking.

Liptovský hrad

Liptov castle

It is the highest situated castle – now just castle remains in Slovakia, that protected the borders of the country. Liptov castle offers you castle remains in the height of 993 metres, rich archeological exposition in the nature.

Liptovská cyklomagistrála

Liptov cycling route

Whether you choose a track through Demänovská valley (Demänovská dolina) or you will ride along Liptovská Mara, the nature of this region will certainly amaze you. There is also an opportunity to see monuments in surrounding areas and try various sports and entertainment activities.  

Liptovská Mara

Liptovská Mara dam

Succumb to the temptation of of the largest artificial lake in Slovakia. Museum of the Liptov village (Múzeum liptovskej dediny) in Pribylina, which accommodates cultural-historical monuments originally flooded during the construction of the dam.

Liptovský Ján

Liptovský Ján

Liptovský Ján village is ranked among the most beautiful localities of Liptov region. Liptovský Ján offers very popular thermal swimming pool, skiing in surrounding snowed slopes, rest in the quiet environment.

Liptovský Mikuláš

Liptovský Mikuláš

The town of Liptovský Mikuláš represents the tourist centre, starting site for setting off on summer and winter activities and hiking in the direction of Nízke Tatry Mountains. Liptovský Mikuláš offers amazing nature of Low Tatras, historical monuments or Jewish Synagogue.

Nízke Tatry

Low Tatras

Enjoy the beauty of Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry) – favorite mountains in terms of hiking. Its peaks provide with opportunities for more advanced hiking, which you can manage without some special preparation, however. Low Tatras also offer a beautiful look from the mountain peaks.

Malá Fatra

Malá Fatra

Explore recesses of the fourth largest mountains in Slovakia. In Lesser Fatra (Malá Tatra) there are many opportunities for diverse, mostly difficult hiking tracks with rugged terrain, a dense network of hiking trails, beautiful views on the surroundings, and the winter sports including alpine skiing.

Cyklomagistrála Malá Fatra

Malá Fatra cycling route

Do you like trips on your bike? Then the Malá Fatra mountains are made just for you. A rugged terrain has got many steep and demanding climbs. Thus, sett off on a trip to the surrounding forests driving your bike. From its saddle, getting to know this region will have a magnetic charm for you.



Even in the times of past the town had been known as the centre of national and cultural life in Slovakia. Martin town offers you National Cemetery at the place of which Slovak eminent figures, beautiful historical walking zone with adjacent streets and the Church of St. Martin, grand search for sports activities or hiking in the nature around.



A beautiful picturesque region of Orava will certainly satisfy anyone's demands with its beautiful sights and hiking opportunities for every lover of nature. Orava offers beautiful environment that is ideal for easy walks as well as for tubing the Orava river.

Oravská cyklomagistrála

Orava cycling route

If you are in good form, you can take part in the interesting tours intended for the mountain bikes in the Oravská Magura mountain and Skorušinské vrchy mountain. There are a few local and inter-regional cycle paths.  Orava cycling route offers view of the Orava region and Tatras mountains.

Oravská priehrada

Orava dam

Enjoy vast waters and beautiful natural scenery of the Orava dam. Orava dam offers you water sports, unique national architecture and An isle with a church and the exposition of history and folk crafts.

PARK SNOW Donovaly

PARK SNOW Donovaly

PARK SNOW Donovaly is one of the top ski resorts in Slovakia. Come and ski on quality slopes for skiers of all levels!

Plte na Váhu

Rafts on the Váh river

Rafts on the Váh river 7 km long route, untraditional views of the ruins in the surroundings, dangerous passage around the detached masses called as Margita and Besná.

RS Vadicov

Recreation Center Vadičov

Come  to try the great ski slope for a first-class price! Vadičov Recreation Center offers beautiful nature, a fully equipped wellness, fun with friends in the tubing.



Modern town smelling of past times surrounded by exquisite mountains offers excellent hiking possibilities all year long. In Ružomberok you will find Mausoleum of the Slovak revivalist and priest A.Hlinka, Roman Catholic Church of St. Ondrej and the Calvary, Gallery of the Slovak artist Ľudovít Fulla.

SKI PARK Ružomberok

Ružomberok - Malino Brdo

On the hill sides of Veľka Fatra, above the town Ružomberok you will enjoy skiing in the Ružomberok - Malino Brdo skiing resort. It belongs to the most modern skiing resorts in Slovakia.

skicentrum opalisko

Ski Centre Opalisko

It offers a pleasant centre of family type with beautiful and prepared slopes, which can be enjoyed by capable skiers as well as total beginners, and especially children.

Bačova Roveň hlavná

Ski Centrum Bacova Roven

Ski center Bačova par *** is situated in the village Vyšná Boca and is located in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Barbora **.

SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa

SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa

The most sought-after ski resort in Slovakia with a beautiful view on the upper Orava, Western and Low Tatras, and on the opposite Choč mountain, it offers an opportunity for the ski holidays for the whole family, 9 lifts, ski training centre.

PARK SNOW Veľká Rača

Snow Paradise Veľká Rača Oščadnica

One of the excellent places for winter sports is actually Snow Paradise Veľká Rača Oščadnica, which offers over 14 kilometers of slopes of various levels, several cross-country skiing tracks with different length. There are ideal conditions for the families with children.

SNOWLAND Valčianska dolina

SNOWLAND Valčianska valley

Enjoy family fun on the slopes Valčianska! SNOWLAND Valčianska Valley offers you a huge number of actions and events on various topics, good skiing conditions for beginners and advanced skiers, cross-country trails with a total length of 12 km.

Turčianske Teplice SPA & Aquapark

Spa Turčianske Teplice

One of the oldest spas in Slovakia. Spa Turčianske Teplice offers historical surrounding in turkish baths, Park complex and idylic lakes, many culture performances.

Súľovské skaly

Súľovské rocks and Gothic gate

If you like active relaxation, nature trail Súľovské rocks are the right choice for a less difficult hiking. Nature trail offers the most interesting part of Súľovské rocks in the surroundings of the Súľov castle, beautiful scenery of the surroundings and splendid views on the surrounding countryside.

Šutovský vodopád

Šutovský waterfall

The massive waterfall in Šutovská valley located in height 830 m above sea level.

Tatralandia Liptovský Mikuláš

Tatralandia Liptovský Mikuláš

Visit the biggest water fun resort in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland! Tatralandia Liptovský Mikuláš offers you swimming pools, tobogans, many attractions, thermal water which is beneficial for the health, exquisite accommodation and excellent services.

Kostol Najsvätejšej Trojice v Žiline

The church of Sacred Trinity in Žilina

Originally a threenaved gothic chuch with renaissance components. The church of the Sacred Trinity, which we also know as a parish church of Virgin Mary, comes from the year 1400. The church of the Sacred Trinity offers Chapel of St. Ján Nepomucký, was built to the church, which was supposed to serve as a God's burrial place.

Malá synagóga

The Little synagogue in Žilina

The Little synagogue belongs to the group of the most eminent buildings of modern synagogue architecture in Europe.  The Little synagogue offers you an exposition of the Jewish culture museum and praying-room divided from the exposition room by a wooden grate.

Kúpele Rajecké Teplice

Thermal Spa Rajecké Teplice

The Rajecké Teplice Spa has a very rich history dating back to the 14th century. Let us invite you to a little trip. In spa Rajecké Teplice you can enjoy water and sauna world and stay in the bath house in an Antique style.

Turčianska galéria

Turčianska gallery Martin

Visit Turčianska gallery, the treasury mainly of the modern Slovak art. Turčianska gallery offers you works of art of the most significant Slovak artists of the 20th century, events and projects in the cooperation with the foreign artists and galleries.

Turčianske Teplice

Turčianske Teplice

Enjoy the spa paradise in beautiful nature and relax in town of Turčianske Teplice. Turčianske Teplice offers you historical Blue spa, amazing thermal park, many culture performances, skiing in winter and cyclotouring in summer.


Vlkolínec village

Visit the unique reservation of slovak national architecture, that has not been spoilt by new buildings. In Vlkolínec you will see village built up out of nothing but wood (UNESCO), 45 original constructions of national architecture, dominant wooden bell tower.

Vrátna dolina


Vrátna dolina is considered to be the most beautiful valley of Malá Fatra. It is one of the most important hiking and skiing resorts in Slovakia. Vrátna dolina offers wide possibilities of active recreation in summer and winter. It is one of the most famous and modern skiing resorts. There are ideal conditions for cycling and other kinds of sports.

Vrátna Free Time Zone

Vrátna Free Time Zone

Ideal combination of slope difficulty in ski resort Vrátna Free Time Zone enables a good quality skiing for all categories.

Vodná nádrž Nová Bystrica

Water Reservoir Nová Bystrica

Picturesque nature and water reservoir is, because of its beauty, called “Slovak Canada.” Water Reservoir Nová Bystrica attracts by many nature monuments, by historical forest narrow-gauge railway (proposed for the UNESCO list).

Západné Tatry

Western Tatras

The Western Tatras are the second highest mountain range in Slovakia. A considerable part of hills have got the height of over 2000 m in this mountain chain. Therefore, the Western Tatras is a favourite place for walks of fitter tourists. Western Tatras offer their most beautiful part, Roháče.

Winter park Martinky

Winter park Martinky

Ski resort Winter Park Martinky is well known for its excellent ski tracks, beautiful nature and a magnificent view on breathtaking hills and mountains. Winter Park Martinky offers 6 ski-lifts and 12 kilometres of skiing tracks, tracks with different difficulty levels and snowboard park.



Visit ´Pearl of Váh´, which is one of the most beautiful Slovak towns breathing with history. Žililna offers monumental reconstructed town center, monuments which belong to monument reservation, Budatin castle with nature museum, area suitable for hiking and relax.


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