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The Northcentral Slovakia is mostly of cold mountain climate. Therefore, the Bronze Age settlement took place in single settlement waves. Despite its cold climate the summers are usually warm so that both locals and tourists enjoy walks in nature or swimming in ponds or thermal swimming pools. Several historical villages and open-air folk museums have been preserved in Northcentral Slovakia. Thanks to them we are able to learn more about the life and traditions of our ancestors. Vlkolínec, for example, is a historical village situated near the town of Ružomberok. This listed reserve of folk architecture is located at the southern foot of the Sidorovo Hill (vrch Sidorovo). In 1993 it was listed in the UNESCO List of World Culture and Natural Heritage. There are also several interesting castles and manor houses.

Historical routes

oravský hradThe Orava Castle (Oravský hrad) which has been built on a rock above the Orava River (rieka Orava) is one of the biggest tourist attractions. It consists of a complex of buildings which follow the shape of the castle rock. Interestingly, three entrance gates are joined with the tunnel under which the underground corridors are situated. The Liptov Castle (Liptovský hrad), which is the highest situated castle in Slovakia, lies 993 m above the sea level in the Choc Hills (Chočské vrchy). It includes an archaeological exhibition and the remains of architecture uncovered as a part of an archaeological research. The ruins of Blatnica manor house (Kaštieľ Blatnica) and Hrádok castle (Hrad Hrádok) which lie on a small hill near the Bela River (rieka Belá) are also of interest.   

ružomberokThe town of Ružomberok is another historical town of this region. There is a museum of the Liptov Region (Liptovské múzeum) with a permanent exhibition of natural, archaeological, historical and ethnographic collections from the Liptov Region. The Andrej Hlinka Square (Námestie Andreja Hlinku), St. Andrew Cathedral (Chrám sv. Ondreja), Town Hall (Mestská radnica) and St. Cross Church (kostol sv. Kríža) belong to historical monuments worth a mention. The town of Liptovský Mikuláš, a tourist centre of the Central Liptov Region is situated on the right bank of the Vah River (rieka Váh) in the middle of the Liptov Basin (Liptovská kotlina). This town has become one of the most important tourist industry centres in Slovakia due to its location near the Liptovska Mara Dam (nádrž Liptovská Mara), nearby mountains Western Tatras, Low Tatras and Choc Hills. However, there are also numerous historical monuments such as the St. Nicolas Church (Kostol sv. Mikuláša), Pongrac Curia (Pongrácovská kúriu), Jewish synagogue or Art Noveau building of the M. M. Hodza Grammar School (Gymnázium M. M. Hodžu).  


demänovská ľadová jaskyňaThe world famous system of Demanov Caves (Damänovské jaskyne) - Demänovská Cave of Freedom with karst phenomena and Demänovská Ice Cave - is located just a few kilometres from the town of Liptovský Mikuláš. The Demanov Valley (Demänovská dolina) offers ten marked routes and a network of footpaths mainly for undemanding tourists. More demanding tourists can ascent the Low Tatra highest peaks - Chopok and Ďumbier which provide for amazing views of almost half of Slovakia. The National Park Low Tatras (Národný park Nízke Tatry) stretching across this area is the most extensive one in the Central Slovakia. The surroundings of the town of Ružomberok also offer excellent conditions for hiking and it represents a starting point for hiking in the nearby Low Tatra Mountain, Choc Hills and Large Fatra (Veľká Fatra) mountains. There is a gorgeous view of the town and its surroundings from the Cebrat Hill (vrch Čebrať). The oldest national park in Slovakia – the Tatra National Park (Tatranský národný park) – is the biggest attraction for tourists. They can find protected plants such as edelweiss in its territory. Also, it is home to rare animals such as brown bear, golden eagle and Tatra marmot. Tatra chamois is the most valued of them as it has become a symbol of the Tatra Mountain. The Tatra National Park offers unforgettable walks, more than 100 crystal clear mountain lakes and several waterfalls. Ambitious tourists can ascent the Krivan Peak (vrch Kriváň) which is symbol of Slovakia. The hiking routes in the Tatra National Park territory are closed for safety reasons from November 1 to June 15. The West Tatra is in any case one of the places which each and every visitor of Slovakia should see.

oravská priehradaThe protected landscape area Horna Orava (Horná Orava) was created for trekking. There are dense forests, distinctive villages and the Orava Sea (Oravské more) as locals call the Orava Dam. Peat bogs are typical for the Horna Orava Region and they are the most developed ones in the whole Slovakia.

On the way from the town of Ružomberok to the town of Liptovský Mikuláš it is impossible to overlook a huge water area. This is Slovakia’s largest dam - Liptovská Mara. This water work was named after one of the flooded villages. Cultural and historical monuments have been flooded as well; however, they were dismantled and re-built in the Museum of the Liptov Village (Múzeum liptovskej dediny) in Pribylina. Liptovský Trnovec is the most significant holiday resorts on the Liptovská Mara banks and it belongs to desirable places of summer recreation.

Wellness and spa

thermal park bešeňováThe nearby aquapark Tatralandia Liptovský Mikuláš is open all year round. This large, attractive, fun aqua park affords 27 toboggans and chutes 8 of which are operated throughout the year. Mineral water in swimming pools has a therapeutic effect on the airways. Visitors may also use sauna, massages, procedures and relaxing baths. There is a plenty of sports in the Tatralandia Aqua Park such as climbing wall, trampolines, labyrinths and chutes for children. Tatralandia offers endless fun for all the family. Another thermal swimming pool called Thermal Park Bešeňová is situated in the splendid area of the Choc Hills with a view of the Low Tatras. You can enjoy fun and relax in both indoor and outdoors swimming pools all year round.  


ski park ružomberokThe northcentral Slovakia is a paradise for skiers during the winter period. The largest ski resort in Jasná lies on the northern side of the Chopok Peak in the Low Tatra. In 2007 Jasná Low Tatras has been connected with the ski resort on the southern side of Chopok. A plenty of easy and difficult skiing trails, ski lifts and chair lifts guarantees a pleasant and superb winter holiday. Ski resorts SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa and SKI PARK Ružomberok also belong to the most frequented in this area. In these popular Slovak ski resorts you can have fun on the snow and enjoy views of magnificent surrounding mountains.  


tichá a kôprová dolinaAll the beauties of this Slovakia’s region inspire cycle trips. You can find a number of easy and difficult cycle routes. The Demanov Cycle Trail leads through the Demanov Valley which includes an educational footpath.The cycling route meanders along the Liptovská Mara Dam with breath-taking panoramic views of the mountains. If you feel attracted by the high peaks of the Tatra Mountain the Cycle Trail on the Road of Freedom, Cycle Trail through the Ticha Valley (Tichá dolina) and Koprova Valley (Kôprová dolina) which combines the beauties of both West and High Tatra is ideal for you. The Cycle Route through the region of Dolný Liptov and Horný Liptov are also noteworthy for the opportunity to get to know the typical villages and towns of the Liptov Region.


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