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Nízke Tatry

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From the view of hiking, the National Park Low Tatras is very popular place. The surrounding hills offer the opportunities for more demanding hiking, however, which you will be able also to manage without any special training. The highest and the most known tops of National Park Low Tatras – Ďumbier (2043 m), Chopok (2024 m) and Kráľová hoľa (1948 m) are the unique objects by their magnificent view of the hills and valleys of Slovakia. The National Park Low Tatras provides with a number of opportunities for trips. A favourite is, for example, a hiking trail to the hill Ďumbier. The shortest hiking trail is a classic accessible trail from the Southern side of the Low Tatras mountains. At the same time, it is a footpath to the mountain chalet Štefánikova chata, which serves to the alpine carriers for supplying. Probably, during your hiking trail you will not be able to see yourself this unique way of supplying. Another popular hiking trail leads to the mountain chalet called as the Kamenná chata. This third highest built tourist cottage in Slovakia is situated in the height of 2000 m above see level, directly under Chopok peak. Here in the Kamenná chata you can gather your strengths for next hiking, but also spend your night, or buy some souvenirs. Hiking in the National Park Low Tatras is characterized by its magnificent views especially of the majestic peaks of the High Tatras mountains.

Tourist routes:

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Trangoška 1120 m 0:00 h zelená trasa
Halašova jama  1450 m 0:45 h zelená trasa

Štefánikova chata

 1728 m 1:30 h červená trasa


 2043 m 3:00 h červená trasa

Demänovské sedlo

 1756 m 4:00 h červená trasa


 2024 m 5:15 h žltá trasa


 1500 m 6:45 h žltá trasa


 1120 m 7:30 h žltá trasa

turistika na ďumbier a chopok z trangošky


Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Jasná 1102 m 0:00 h modrá trasa

Pod Orlou skalou

1460 m 1:00 h modrá trasa


1676 m 1:45 h modrá trasa


2024 m 2:45 h červená trasa


2003 m 3:30 h červená trasa


1890 m 4:30 h červená trasa


2003 m 7:45 h červená trasa


2024 m 8:30 h modrá trasa


1676 m 9:15 h modrá trasa

Pod Orlou skalou

1460 m 10:00 h modrá trasa


1102 m 10:30 h  

turistika z jasnej na dereše


Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Mýto pod Ďumbierom 1102 m 0:00 h žltá trasa

Pod Pošovou mlynou

1460 m 1:00 h žltá trasa

Štefánikova chata

1676 m 1:45 h červená trasa


2024 m 2:45 h červená trasa

Štefánikova chata

2003 m 3:30 h zelená trasa

Lašova jama

1890 m 4:30 h zelená trasa


1120 m 7:45 h zelená trasa

turistika z mýta na ďumbier

Source: turistikaonline.sk


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