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Liptov cycling route

Liptovská cyklomagistrála

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Beauties of this part of Slovakia are offered directly for cycle trips. You can find here many undemanding and more demanding, as well, cycle paths. The Demänovská cycle tour goes through the Demänovská dolina (basin-shaped valley), where the nature trail can also be found here. You can join this trip with visit of the caves called as Demänovská jaskyňa (caves).

The cycle tour winds around the biggest Slovak dam called as Liptovská Mara with marvellous panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The following cycle tours are also interesting, as follows: the Dolnoliptovská cycle tour and Hornoliptovská cycle tour, on which you can get to know the typical villages and towns of Liptov region. Besides the fresh air and splendid environment of the Central Slovakia mountain, the trips on bikes in the Low Tatras mountains offer you also the never-ending number of unforgettable views. 


Schedule Altitude Distance
Liptovský Hrádok 637 m 3,0 km
Liptovský Peter 675 m 5,0 km
Vavrišovo 700 m 9,0 km
Pribylina 765 m 13,5 km
Liptovská Kokava 790 m 19,0 km
Doválovo 696 m 23,0 km
Liptovský Hrádok   637 m

Schedule Altitude Distance
Liptovský Mikuláš 570 m 4,0 km
Benice 620 m 6,0 km
Galovany 590 m 8,0 km
Svätý kríž 635 m 12,0 km
Lazisko 690 m 16,0 km
Dúbrava 630 m 18,0 km
Lubela 610 m 21,0 km
Krmeš 550 m 23,0 km
Vlachy 540 m 26,0 km
Bobrovník 565 m 28,0 km
Hliník 575 m 31,0 km
Liptovská Sielnica 560 m 34,5 km
Liptovský Trnovec 565 m 42,0 km
Liptovský Mikuláš 570 m  

Schedule Altitude Distance
Liptovská Teplička 919 m 14,0 km
Kravany 728 m 20,0 km
Spišské Bystré 616 m 24,0 km
Hranovnica 608 m 29,0 km
Hranovnické pleso 717 m 36,0 km
Vernár 772 m 43,0 km
Sedlo Besník 994 m 48,0 km
Telgárt 881 m 52,0 km
Šumiac 898 m 55,0 km
Predné sedlo 1451 m 60,0 km
Kráľova hoľa 1946 m



Our tip for outdoor activities:

  • adrenalin centrum Liptov
    Adrenaline Center Liptov
    Adventure and relax in one place.
    distance: 9,36 km
    benefit: 15% discount on offered services
  • Lanový park Tarzania
    Rope Park Tarzania
    Adrenalin in summer as well as in winter.
    distance: 10,46 km
    benefit: 10% discount on offered services
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Recommended hotels

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Hotel Tri Studničky**** Demänovská Dolina
Hotel Tri studničky**** Demänovská Dolinafrom €79,00/person


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