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Nature reservation Devínska Kobyla

Devínska kobyla - Sandberg

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There are many hiking tracks in the surroundings of the capital city. The most known is a track leading to Devínska kobyla, which is the most western foreland of Carpathian mountains in Slovakia. It offers magnificent view of the river Morava just before it merges into the Danube. Since 1964 its western plainsare protected as National Natural Reservation. Paleontologically and geologically interesting place on Devínska kobyla is definitely Sandberg, remains of the sea cliff with fossil sites.

Tourist routes:

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Devín  105 m  0:00 h  červená trasa
Devínska Kobyla                         490 m  1:30 h  červená trasa
Karlova Ves  205 m  3:20 h  červená trasa
Mlynská dolina  150 m  4:15 h  červená trasa
Slavín  295 m  4:45 h  červená trasa
Kramáre  185 m  5:25 h  červená trasa
Kamzík  405 m  6:25 h  červená trasa

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Dúbravka  250 m  0:00 h modrá trasa červená trasa
Rázcestie pod Švábskym vrchom  355 m  0:30 h  červená trasa

Rázcestie pod Devínskou Kobylou

 450 m  1:15 h  zelená trasa
Sandberg  210 m  2:30 h  modrá trasa


 250 m  3:15 h  modrá trasa


 130 m  3:30 h  modrá trasa

Hrad Devín

 147 m  6:25 h  modrá trasa




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