Badínsky prales

Badínsky forest

In the trail of Prince Charles spend an extraordinary hike in rainforest. Badínsky Forest offers one of the oldest protected area in Slovakia, original beechwood, rare elmtree, interesting trails.

Turistika okolo Banskej Bystrice

Banská Bystrica town and its surroundings

Enjoy hiking in one of the best signed hiking areas in Slovakia. Hiking in Banská Bystrica surrounding offers more than 500 km of hiking paths, new paths of Town forests, stay in nature just a few kilometers from town, round paths in forestparks.

Blatnická dolina

Blatnická valley

Blatnická valley is one of the most watery valley in Fatra. In Blatnická valley you can see a varied vegetation, rare species of plant named Cyklamén Fatranský.



On the border of two national parks, Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry) and Greater Fatra (Veľká Fatra), there is a tourist centre Donovaly, situated in a splendid environment. A sought-after tourist centre suitable for both winter and summer vacation term, characterized by beautiful environment, wide range of additional services and the surroundings abundant with attractions.

Dubnické opálove bane

Dubnica Opal Mines

Dubnica opals are highly valued on the market for their uniqueness. They stand out by immaculate interplay of colors thus by the so called opalescence.

Gaderská dolina

Gaderská valley

The greatest and most beautiful valley in Turčianska part of Great Fatra. In Gaderská valley you can see pine plantations, rare species of plant named Plesnivec Alpínský, Konský dol valley, reservation Padva and many other attractions of this marvelous site. 

Veľká Fatra

Great Fatra - East

The National Park Veľká Fatra (Great Fatra) is located in the area of Liptov, Orava, Turec and Horehronie. In National Park Great Fatra you can see extensive forests, beautiful valleys, village Vlkolínec (UNESCO) located near the National Park.

Veľká Fatra

Great Fatra - West

The National Park Veľká Fatra (Great Fatra) is located in the area of Liptov, Orava, Turec and Horehronie. In National Park Great Fatra you can see extensive forests, beautiful valleys, village Vlkolínec (UNESCO) located near the National Park.

Vzsok0 Tatry

High Tatras

Enjoy the most attractive Slovak tourist destination with great nature. In High Tatras mountains you will find high peaks, beautiful mountain lakes, hiking, climbing, skiing, the cogway railroad, Cableway directly to the peak Lomnický štít.

Vrch Šíp

Hiking in Kraľovany municipality

Enjoy fantastic climb up to the rock cliff of Šíp leading through medium-difficult route. Hiking in Kraľovany municipality offers you fascinating outlook on the dolomite cliffs, amazing views on valleys and cowering wooden houses of the Podšíp Village.

Vrch Straník

Hiking Žilina - Budatín

Žilina offers great possibilities for an easy hiking through beautiful surrounding nature. Unforgettable is the ascent from Žilina to the Budatín castle through the hill Dubeň along the path up to the long-range hill Zástranie which offers magnificent view on the surrounding landscape.

Kvačianska dolina

Instructive path Prosiecka and Kvačianska valleys

Walk through the routes of diverse lengths and admire local fauna and flora of splendid Prosiecka and Kvačianska Valleys. Instructive path Prosiecka and Kvačianska valleys offer you huge stream of the Prosečnianka River, round rocky clearings, waterfalls and caves and rocks.


Instructive path to cottage of Zverovka

Undemanding route leads through the exquisite nature of the spruce forest along the instructive path marked by guide signs to the Zverovka cottage. Instructive path leads you to the wooden log house having served as the emergency hospital for the guerrillas during the World War II.



The borders of three countries meet on the Kremenec, in the altitude of 1208 m above sea level – Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. Thanks to its height, Kremenec is the dominant and the highest mountain of the Bukovské Hills.

Kremnické vrchy

Kremnica mountains

Thanks to a number of their natural peculiarities and varieties, the Kremnické vrchy mountains are also sought-after by the tourists. Let you enchant yourself by the magnificent sceneries of Kremnické vrchy mountains and get to know all beautiful places situated here.

Kysuce a Javorníky

Kysuce and Javorníky

A distinctive region of Kysuce is a place of isolated settlements and mysterious stone balls. Encounter the magic of the local nature, which also includes beautiful historical monuments in nature. Kysuce and Javorníky offer you meadows, pastures, spruce forests and a natural environment suitable for hiking, skiing.

Liptovská Mara

Liptovská Mara dam

Succumb to the temptation of of the largest artificial lake in Slovakia. Museum of the Liptov village (Múzeum liptovskej dediny) in Pribylina, which accommodates cultural-historical monuments originally flooded during the construction of the dam.

Nízke Tatry

Low Tatras

Enjoy the beauty of Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry) – favorite mountains in terms of hiking. Its peaks provide with opportunities for more advanced hiking, which you can manage without some special preparation, however. Low Tatras also offer a beautiful look from the mountain peaks.

Malá Fatra

Malá Fatra

Explore recesses of the fourth largest mountains in Slovakia. In Lesser Fatra (Malá Tatra) there are many opportunities for diverse, mostly difficult hiking tracks with rugged terrain, a dense network of hiking trails, beautiful views on the surroundings, and the winter sports including alpine skiing.

Rekreačné stredisko Drienica

Mountain Resort Drienica

Mountain Resort Drienica – Lysá is situated in a beautiful mountainous setting of the Čergov mountain range above the village at the beginning of Drienická dolina and Lysá at an average altitude of 850 m.

Devínska kobyla - Sandberg

Nature reservation Devínska Kobyla

The most known is a track leading to Devínska kobyla, which is the most western foreland of Carpathian mountains in Slovakia. Trip to Devínska Kobyla offers you magnificent view of the river Morava just before it merges into the Danube, national Natural Reservation and Sandberg.



A beautiful picturesque region of Orava will certainly satisfy anyone's demands with its beautiful sights and hiking opportunities for every lover of nature. Orava offers beautiful environment that is ideal for easy walks as well as for tubing the Orava river.

Oravská priehrada

Orava dam

Enjoy vast waters and beautiful natural scenery of the Orava dam. Orava dam offers you water sports, unique national architecture and An isle with a church and the exposition of history and folk crafts.

Národný park Poloniny

Poloniny National Park

The Poloniny National Park is the easternmost Slovak national park. There is the highest occurrence of large forest carnivores. The largest cemetery of the World War I in Slovakia is situated on the Hodošík Mount (825 m above sea level).

Popradské pleso

Popradské pleso

The Popradské pleso (mountain lake) once called also as “Rybie pleso” is situated in the Mengusovská dolina (basin-shaped valley). Poprad tarn (Popradské pleso) is a lake of glacial origin and the fourth largest lake in Slovakia. This lake is surrounded by beautiful nature, which you will surely enjoy.


Recreation resort Sĺňava

Come to spend your holiday with the whole family by the water reservoir Sĺňava. Recreation resort Sĺňava offers car-campings, family hotels, hotels and sports equipment rental shops, water-skiing, windsurfing, sightseeing by boat, bird island, protected natural reservation.

Skalnaté pleso

Rocky Tarn (Skalnaté pleso)

The Rocky Tarn can be proud of its spectacular view. Towards the southeast, the panorama opens up to the Poprad Basin and to the numerous Carpathian Mountains. The Rocky Tarn level reflects a perfect pair – the Lomnický and the Kežmarský Peaks.

Slovenský kras

Slovak Karst

The largest karstic area in Slovak republic constituted by limestone and dolomite. Slovak Karst (Slovenský kras) is famous for its many splendid caves of global importance. People, who love hiking and caves will find Slovak karst unforgettable.

Slovenský raj

Slovak paradise

Visit one of the most beautiful nature areas in Slovakia. In the Slovak paradise you will find National park, deep gorges, narrow straits, chains and footbridges, unique Dobšinská Ice Cave (Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa).

Malé Karpaty

Small Carpathians

It begins in Bratislava on the Danube river and wanders off up to the town called as Nové Mesto nad Váhom. Carpathians went down to posterity of the World War II, during which the surrounding forests served to the partisans as a place of their meetings and fights for liberation of Bratislava city.

Sninské rybníky

Snina Ponds

The best place for recreation and relaxation in Snina is certainly the Snina Ponds. Visitors can bathe in the recreation area; there are also ideal conditions for water sports and fishing.

Strážovské vrchy

Strážovské vrchy

Let yourselves to be enticed into this fairy-tale like land. A protected national area of Strážovské vrchy offers dense forests, bizzare rocks, magnificent valleys, glorious views, calcite massive rocks and rock balls, Korňanský oil spring, the only natural oil spring.

Súľovské skaly

Súľovské rocks and Gothic gate

If you like active relaxation, nature trail Súľovské rocks are the right choice for a less difficult hiking. Nature trail offers the most interesting part of Súľovské rocks in the surroundings of the Súľov castle, beautiful scenery of the surroundings and splendid views on the surrounding countryside.

Štiavnické vrchy

Štiavnické vrchy mountains

Enjoy the largest volcanic mountain of Western Carpathia and the beauty of its diverse nature. In Štiavnica mountains (Štiavnické vrchy) you will find a number of hiking and cylicing tracks, a beautiful look from the peak of Sitno and refreshment in artificial lakes – "tajchs". 

Štrbské pleso

Štrbské pleso

Visit one of the most know places in High Tatras. Lake Štrba (Štrbské pleso) is the best known and most visited lake of High Tatras. Surrounding of Štrbské Pleso offers you amazing nature, walks with experience of beautiful view, natural surface for ice skaters.

Šutovský vodopád

Šutovský waterfall

The massive waterfall in Šutovská valley located in height 830 m above sea level.

Vršatecké skaly

Tourist route to Vršatec castle

Active rest, perfect relaxation in undemanding terraing, and clean air. Beautiful look to surroundings. Tourist route to Vršatec castle offers cycling routes, routes for cross country skiing.


Veľká Domaša

The green pearl of Eastern Slovakia – the Domaša water reservoir built on the Ondava River, is situated in a mountain area of the Ondavská Highlands.

Vrátna dolina


Vrátna dolina is considered to be the most beautiful valley of Malá Fatra. It is one of the most important hiking and skiing resorts in Slovakia. Vrátna dolina offers wide possibilities of active recreation in summer and winter. It is one of the most famous and modern skiing resorts. There are ideal conditions for cycling and other kinds of sports.

Vodná nádrž Nová Bystrica

Water Reservoir Nová Bystrica

Picturesque nature and water reservoir is, because of its beauty, called “Slovak Canada.” Water Reservoir Nová Bystrica attracts by many nature monuments, by historical forest narrow-gauge railway (proposed for the UNESCO list).

Západné Tatry

Western Tatras

The Western Tatras are the second highest mountain range in Slovakia. A considerable part of hills have got the height of over 2000 m in this mountain chain. Therefore, the Western Tatras is a favourite place for walks of fitter tourists. Western Tatras offer their most beautiful part, Roháče.


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