Dubnické opálove bane

Dubnica Opal Mines

Dubnica opals are highly valued on the market for their uniqueness. They stand out by immaculate interplay of colors thus by the so called opalescence.

Vzsok0 Tatry

High Tatras

Enjoy the most attractive Slovak tourist destination with great nature. In High Tatras mountains you will find high peaks, beautiful mountain lakes, hiking, climbing, skiing, the cogway railroad, Cableway directly to the peak Lomnický štít.



The borders of three countries meet on the Kremenec, in the altitude of 1208 m above sea level – Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. Thanks to its height, Kremenec is the dominant and the highest mountain of the Bukovské Hills.

Rekreačné stredisko Drienica

Mountain Resort Drienica

Mountain Resort Drienica – Lysá is situated in a beautiful mountainous setting of the Čergov mountain range above the village at the beginning of Drienická dolina and Lysá at an average altitude of 850 m.

Národný park Poloniny

Poloniny National Park

The Poloniny National Park is the easternmost Slovak national park. There is the highest occurrence of large forest carnivores. The largest cemetery of the World War I in Slovakia is situated on the Hodošík Mount (825 m above sea level).

Skalnaté pleso

Rocky Tarn (Skalnaté pleso)

The Rocky Tarn can be proud of its spectacular view. Towards the southeast, the panorama opens up to the Poprad Basin and to the numerous Carpathian Mountains. The Rocky Tarn level reflects a perfect pair – the Lomnický and the Kežmarský Peaks.

Sninské rybníky

Snina Ponds

The best place for recreation and relaxation in Snina is certainly the Snina Ponds. Visitors can bathe in the recreation area; there are also ideal conditions for water sports and fishing.

Štrbské pleso

Štrbské pleso

Visit one of the most know places in High Tatras. Lake Štrba (Štrbské pleso) is the best known and most visited lake of High Tatras. Surrounding of Štrbské Pleso offers you amazing nature, walks with experience of beautiful view, natural surface for ice skaters.


Veľká Domaša

The green pearl of Eastern Slovakia – the Domaša water reservoir built on the Ondava River, is situated in a mountain area of the Ondavská Highlands.


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