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Badínsky prales

Badínsky forest

In the trail of Prince Charles spend an extraordinary hike in rainforest. Badínsky Forest offers one of the oldest protected area in Slovakia, original beechwood, rare elmtree, interesting trails.

Turistika okolo Banskej Bystrice

Banská Bystrica town and its surroundings

Enjoy hiking in one of the best signed hiking areas in Slovakia. Hiking in Banská Bystrica surrounding offers more than 500 km of hiking paths, new paths of Town forests, stay in nature just a few kilometers from town, round paths in forestparks.



On the border of two national parks, Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry) and Greater Fatra (Veľká Fatra), there is a tourist centre Donovaly, situated in a splendid environment. A sought-after tourist centre suitable for both winter and summer vacation term, characterized by beautiful environment, wide range of additional services and the surroundings abundant with attractions.

Kremnické vrchy

Kremnica mountains

Thanks to a number of their natural peculiarities and varieties, the Kremnické vrchy mountains are also sought-after by the tourists. Let you enchant yourself by the magnificent sceneries of Kremnické vrchy mountains and get to know all beautiful places situated here.

Slovenský kras

Slovak Karst

The largest karstic area in Slovak republic constituted by limestone and dolomite. Slovak Karst (Slovenský kras) is famous for its many splendid caves of global importance. People, who love hiking and caves will find Slovak karst unforgettable.

Štiavnické vrchy

Štiavnické vrchy mountains

Enjoy the largest volcanic mountain of Western Carpathia and the beauty of its diverse nature. In Štiavnica mountains (Štiavnické vrchy) you will find a number of hiking and cylicing tracks, a beautiful look from the peak of Sitno and refreshment in artificial lakes – "tajchs". 


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