Marianka is the oldest holly area in Slovakia and its origin and history is partly under the mantle of legends. Historians from Pavlin´s order who administer this estate, wrote down a legend about hermit, who lived in this valley and he cut into pears wood a statue of Holly Marie. During convulsions which happened in Hungary after King Štefan passed away, hermit was forced to leave this place. He hide Statue of Holly Marie into hollow tree. It was founded after several decades later. The method of recovery is also unknown. History of holly place started in 1377 when this place visited Ugrian King Ľudovít I. from Anjou line. He let to built this church and warded this holly area to Pavlín´s order. Order of St. Pavlín administered this place from mention year 1377 until 1786 year. In this place the order of St. Pavlín had moments of the biggest efflorescence but also moments of decadence and destruction. From 1927- 1950 holly area is administered by Congregation of brotherhood delighting (Kongregácia bratov tešiteľov), which was founded in 1922 year. Brotherhood reconstructed church and former Pavlin´s church (manor house) which serves as a holly and exercičný house.

Distance from airports:

  • Bratislava 29 km
  • Košice 472 km
  • Poprad 356 km



Bernolákova ulica 1/A , Malacky , 90101

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    HAVE FUN Bernolákovo
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  • Paintball Bratislava
    Paintball Bratislava
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  • Raftovanie Čunovo
    Rafting Čunovo
    Rafting on the one of the best artificial water canals in the world.
    distance: 27,35 km

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  • pivne kupele presporok - hlavna
    Beer Spa BBB Prešpork
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  • Panorama Tour
    Panorama Tour
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  • tour4u-hlavna bratislava
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Recommended hotels

Recommended hotels

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Hotel President *** Garni Bratislavafrom €25,00/person

Hotel Gaudio *** Bratislava
Hotel Gaudio *** Bratislavafrom €34,50/person

Hotel Matyšák***
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botel gracia hlavna
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w hotel bratislava - hlavna
W HOTEL *** Bratislavafrom €39,50/person

Hotel Divoká Voda Bratislava
Divoká Voda Hotel*** and Bungalowsfrom €23,00/person

Hotel Michalská Brána
Hotel Michalská Brána*** Bratislavafrom €39,50/person

Melrose Apartmány Bratislava
Melrose Apartments Bratislavafrom €35,00/person

Patio Hostel Bratislava
Patio Hostel Bratislavafrom €14,00/person


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