Kysuce and Javorníky

Kysuce a Javorníky

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A distinctive region of Kysuce is a place of isolated settlements and mysterious stone balls. A rugged landscape of Kysuce is characterized by the pine forests, marvellous meadowlands and grasslands. The territory has got a deeply cut relief modelled by the erosion. The highest top of the Eastern part of this mountain is the Veľká Rača (1236 m) and of the Western part of this mountain is the Veľký Javorník (1071 m). Do you decide to climb one of those two hills? Or do you take a trip to both of them? Hiking in this region is not only a stay in the splendid nature, but especially exploring surrounding sights and phenomena, such as the natural monument Korňanský ropný prameň (crude oil spring), or mysterious stone balls origin of which has not been discovered yet. In winter months this mountain is visited especially by the skiers for whom the big skiing resorts were built here. Get to know a charm of the nature in Kysuce region, which offers also the wonderful historical monuments in nature. For visit we recommend tourist region. 

Tourist routes:

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Turzovka 471 m 0:00 h
Živčákova 787 m 1:00 h


540 m 2:00 h
Korniansky ropný prameň 548 m 2:45 h žltá trasa

Turzovka - Predmier

486 m 3:00 h žltá trasa



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