Kremnica mountains

Kremnické vrchy

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Thanks to a number of their natural peculiarities and varieties, the Kremnické vrchy mountains are also sought-after by the tourists. Kremnické vrchy mountains were originated by the volcanic activity, therefore, the base of their geological structure are the lava bodies. Thanks to this fact, a numerous natural phenomena can be found here which will attract your attention by its uniqueness. A nature reserve Kremnický štós is situated above the Kremnica town. The magnificent scenery of the rocky formation groups was formed here by a gradual desintegration of the lava streams. Various walls, ribs, towers and robust stone debris can be found here. The objects of interest situated in the surroundings include, for example, the Badínsky prales (primeval forest), which was also visited by the Walsh Prince Charles in the year 2000. There are also a few caves situated in this region, from which the most known is the Harmanecká Cave. Let you enchant yourself by the magnificent sceneries of Kremnické vrchy mountains and get to know all beautiful places situated here.

Tourist routes:

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Kremnica 550 m 0:00 h žltá trasa 
Alžbetina skala 795 m 0:45 h červená trasa
Kremnický štós 910 m 1:15 h žltá trasa

Kremnický štít

1008 m 1:45 h žltá trasa
Trojica 1040 m  2:30 h  modrá trasa

Chata Hostinec

1150 m 3:00 h  zelená trasa

Chlmový grúň

1076 m 3:45 h  zelená trasa

Dolný chlm                      

812 m 4:30 h  zelená trasa
Ihráč 491 m 5:15 h  
Nevoľné 703 m 6:15 h žltá trasa
Horná Ves 460 m 7:00 h modrá trasa
Kremnica 550 m 7:30 h  

Name of locality Altitude Total time Mark
Kremnica 540 m 0:00 h modrá trasa
Tri studne 880 m 1:00 h modrá trasa
Chata Hostinec 1200 m 2:15 h modrá trasa červená trasa
Zlatá studňa 1265 m 3:00 h modrá trasa červená trasa
Skalka, rekreačné stredisko 1170 m 5:05 h  



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Recommended hotels

Recommended hotels

Hotel Grand Matej**** Banská Štiavnica
Hotel Grand Matej**** Banská Štiavnicafrom €35,00/person

Penzión na Slnečnej stráni** Vyhne
B&B Na Slnečnej stráni** Vyhnefrom €27,00/person

Penzión Stefanshof*** Kremnica
B&B Stefanshof*** Kremnicafrom €20,00/person

Hotel Golfer
Hotel Golfer*** Kremnicafrom €39,50/person

hotel minciar
Mountain hotel Minciar* Kremnicafrom €54,00/person

Penzión Kachelman*** Banská Štiavnica
B&B Kachelman*** Banská Štiavnicafrom €16,00/person


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