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Kremnica cycling route

Kremnická cyklomagistrála

Explore the magnificent nooks of the Kremnické vrchy mountains on your bike. A few marked cycle paths can be also found here. A route from Banská Bystrica town to the Kremnické vrchy mountains and back is suitable for the long-distance cyclists. You can also visit Kremnica town, where the Kremnická Mint is situated here. All Euro coins having the Slovak emblem on their reverse sides were coined right here. The Museum of coins and medals of the National Bank of Slovakia is also situated in Kremnica town. Acquaint yourself also with history of the Slovak money from the ancient times up to the present day. Thus, trips to the Kremnické hory mountains can be combined with knowing the historical monuments of the neighbouring towns and villages. 


Schedule Distance
Kremnické Bane 4 km
Kremnica 10 km
Krahule 16 km
Kremnické Bane

Schedule Distance
Kunešov 4 km
Kremnické Bane 8 km
Krahule  14 km
Kremnica 20 km
Nevoľné 25 km
Ihráč 29 km
Jastrabá 34 km
Trnavá Hora



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