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Jewish cultural heritage in Bratislava region

Židovské kultúrne dedičstvo v Bratislavskom kraji
Židovské kultúrne dedičstvo v Bratislavskom kraji

Slovak way of Jewish cultural heritage is complex project which inclueds education and promotional activities. The main aim of this project is to help preserve and renew Jewish cultural heritage in Slovakia. Activities comming from the results of research design Synagoga Slovaca, which examined all slovak synagogues in years 2001-2006. All research works (architectonic plans, photographic documentations, descriptions of building) are declassify for public and they helps in questions about cultural politics and contributes for better care about listed object of Jewish community.

In Bratislava region you can find thess remains of Jewish cultural heritage:

  • Bratislava - Memorial Chatam Sofer
  • Bratislava - Museum of Jewish culture
  • Bratislava - Synagogue
  • Malacky - Synagogue
  • Stupava - Synagogue 

Memorial of Chatam Sofer

chatam soferHistory of cementery under the Bratislava castle and near by today´s tunnel reach for 17. Century, when Pálffy´s line permit their Jewish villiens to build up a cementary between rocky cliff and river Dunaj. It serves for this community from 1847 year. Graveyard was in danger in 1943 when per consequens of building-up a tunnel and regulations of embankment went decision, that this cementary will be eliminate. Most of graves were exhumed and remains were carefully transfered to nearby New orthodox cementary. Only a small group of graves (23) of bratislava scholars who were centralized around grave of Chatam Sofer, were left on this place and were overbuilt by concrete panels. In years 2000-2002 there were general reconstruction of tomb. This remarkalbe object is dignified place of last rest famous scholars as well as attractive memorial of bratislava´s Jewish history.

Location: Nábrežie arm. Gen. L.Svobodu, Bratislava

Opening hours: Organized groups can arrange their visit with Jewish religious community in advance.


Museum of Jewish culture

muzeumMuseum of Jewish culture (MJC) is located in one of two well- preservedobjects of former Jewish street in Bratislava, which was demolished in 60. Years of 20. Century, when the bridge SNP(New bridge) was building-up. Baroque manor-house from 18.century was rebulit in 19.cenutry and from year 1993 after renovation, this manor-house had became a steatdy exposition of MJC. Among the most important exhibits of MJC belongs two rare jugs from Senica. Their comes from 1734 and 1776 and they were part of Jewish burial-society Chevra Kadiša estate. This burial- sociaty provided a dignified funeral for members of community ane took care about surviving relatives in traditional Jewsih community. On the jugs, there are scenes from activity of brotherhood. This rare artefacts had became in year 1999 the main topic for common slovak-israeli stamp edition.

Location: Židovská street 17, Bratislava

Opnening hours: Daily besides Saturday, 11.00-17.00


Synagogue in Bratislava

synagoga baThe last well-preserved synagogue is located not so far from the city ceneter on Heydukova street. It was built in 1923-1926 years, accordning to Artur Szalatnai- Slatinsky´s project. This building is represented by monumental colonnade which has seven columns. In interior you can see a beautiful harmony of innovative concrete-steel construction and period cubistic details with historical elements such are: arcade row in women gallery, metal-tipped bima and sanctuary made from stone. Architectural solution of synagogue has respected terms of orthodoxy Judaism. Sitting for women and men is separate and bima is situated in the center of main chapel. But is fulfiling all conditions and needs of members in community at the same time. Synagogue has area for studying and space for smaller social gathering and of course the cloackroom and toilet. Syangogue is serving until today for it´s primary purpose. In the area will be placed some of tablets devoted to memory of victims of Holocaust. In the present is preparing stability exhibition devoted to community´s history, which will be instalated in the area of women gallery in 2011 year.

Location: Heydukova street 11-13, Bratislava

Opening hours: Organized groups can arrange their visit with Jewish religious community in advance.


Syangogue in Malacky

synagoga malackySynagogue which is one of the most beautiful in Slovakia is substantial rembrance of Jewish community in Malacky. It was built in 1900 year according to Viennese architect Wilhelm Stiassne´s plans on place where was standing a former synagogue from 1887 year, but unfortunately was destroyed by fire. The original synagogue built according to architect Stiassne´s plans was destroeyd by fire in 1899 year. Building is in typical moorish style with two towers, horseshoe-vaults and typical yellow-red stripes is most exotic building in town. Today area of former synagogue belongs to city and it servers as a primer artistic school. There is a chapel on the bottom of building which is used as a workroom and concert hall on top.There are also lot of autethic architecture elements such are: sanctuary, cast-iron column and marvelous wooden compartment ceiling. Primarily synagogue was standing in typical urban building-up area, where were living lots of members of Jewish community until 2. World war. After the war all this building were destroyed.

Location: Na brehu 2, Malacky

Opening hours: After agreement


Synagogue in Stupava

synagoga stupavaSynagogue was built in 1803 year and it belongs into two well-preserved examples of nine arched type of synagogue in Slovakia. It is situated in the center of village against the Pálffy manor house. For exterior are idividual massive walls with tiny baroque windows, sadle roof and distinct gable with oval hole made for ventilation which is typical for architecture in this region. Dominanting part in chapel are 4 columns which are supported nine arched ceiling. Reconstruction of exterior and static safety successfully finished in 2008 by dint of great effort bratislava´s non-for-profit organization Jewrope. There are still some reconstruction and restoration of art objects in interior of building. In the future synagogue will be serve as archive and depository of books about slovak jewish community. According to plans in women gallery should be stability expozition of judaik and archives from this region. Besides of synagogue visitors could visit extensive and well-preserved cementary with lots of remarkable gravestones (Pri Borníku street.)

Location: Hlavná street, Stupava

Opening hours: Closed until 2011


The Slovak Jewish Heritage Route , Slovenská cesta židovského kultúrneho dedičstva

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