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Imperial cities - Pezinok, Svätý Jur, Modra

Kralovske mesta
Kráľovské mestá - Pezinok, Svätý Jur, Modra


pezinokTown Hall

  • address: Radničné nám. 7, 902 01 Pezinok
  • tel.:  +421 033 6901 113
  • fax: +421 033 641 23 03
  • www: 

Pezinok is an old vineyard city surrounded by hills of Malé Karpaty which are closely associated with rich history. There are several daily attractions for visitors in this city such are: nearness of capital city Bratislava, easily highway and railway trasportation, long tradition of viniculture and winemaking and of course specific gastronomy. We can say that viniculture and winemaking had became a new and popular life style of many people in this region. Apart of lapsed gold minig is very famous and still well- established brick factory and therefore also a production of utility and artistic ceramics. For a full economic profile of this city we can´t forget on building production, machine industry, trade and petite handicraft industry. This city has a big advatage because it is situated near by the Malé Karpaty mountains and beacuse of that in winter time, you can do all winter games on peak Baba, in summer there is opportunity for hiking following the tourists signs. All urban forests are part of reservation of Malé Karpaty. Most of green are beech-oak grove.


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Svätý Jur

svaty jurInformations

  • address: Prostredná 64, 90021 Svätý Jur
  • tel.: +421 02 44 97 04 49-52
  • www:

Svätý Jur is a medieval vineyard city which is located at the foot of Malé Karpaty. First lettering mention about this city is from 1209 year, when Svätý Jur was a part of estate from Jur and later part of Pezinok nobility. In 1647 Svätý Jur was titled as a free royal city. Svätý Jur is an architecturally one of the best well-preserved vineyard cities in Slovakia. Historical center with traditional buildings in viniculture style was in 1990 certified as an urban listed areay. Between the most interestig remains is belongs: manor-house of Zichy´s line, gothic church of St. Juraj with former rocky altar and old wooden bell-tower, church of Holy Trinity, Piaristic monastery and Pálffy´s manor house.General portrait of this historical place mold well- preserved urban walls. On the slopes above Svätý Jur we can find remains of Slavonian roost and ruins of medieval castle Biely kameň. Near by Svätý Jur is located National natural reservation Šúr, where former shoal lake was sludging by sediment from smallcarpathian rivers. Typical types of wine are: Múller Thurgau, Rizling rýnsky, Pesecká leánka, Frankovka modrá and Svätovravrinecké.


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modraTourist-information center

First footprints of settlement in Modra and it´s surrounding are from thired millenium before Crist. First written mention about Modra is from 12.-13.century. The oldest trustworthy source in which is remembered village Modra is document of Belo IV. and it is from 1256 year.  In 1361 Modra obtained literae patents from hungary monarch Ľudovít I. and became a sibjectvie royal town. With literae patent from Maximilián II. from 1569 Modra obtained other rights and freedoms. In 1607 monarch Rudolf II. promote Modra on free royal city and granted them their own coat of arms. In years 1610-1646 city was under construction and they built city walls with three gates. Part of walls and „Upper gate“ preserved until today. 17.-18. centuries was a period of the biggest planning, architectonic, economic, spiritual and cultural inflorescence. Modra as a free royal city was certified until 1876 year and after that it became a city with municipal authorities. From 1923 it was a big village with possibility of calling it self a city. After World War Two city was a residence of distrit people´s committee until february 1949, when the residence of districtt people´s committee moved from Modra to Pezinok. In 1991 year it´s historical center became a listed zone.


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