Hrádok castle

Hrad Hrádok
Hrad Hrádok

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The Hrádok castle towers on a higher hill by the river Belá, near the town Liptovský Hrádok. Despite the fact, that there are many myths regarding the castle, we can certainly say, that the first reference about the Hrádok castle comes from 1341. One of the myths speaks about the connection of Hrádok with underground passages and fortifications near the town Liptovský Ján and even with the Liptovský castle. By visiting the Hrádok castle you may not only acquaint yourselves with its history, but also with magnificent nature and romance of its areas. There was a Rennaisance chateau built adjacent to the castle in the 17th century, which after a recent reconstruction offers stylish accomodation, catering and non-traditional conference areas.


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