Muzeum Andyho Warhola

Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art

As the first museum in Slovakia, it conceptually maps, presents and professionally processes even those trends in art and culture that few institutions have yet to accept.


Dukla battlefield

During the World War II, North-Eastern region was a key point in the liberation of Slovakia from fascist troops. The national cultural monument of Dukla battlefield reminds us of those events.

Múzeum Hanušovce

Homeland Museum Hanušovce nad Topľou

The museum was founded as one of the last museums in Slovakia, and from the beginning it developed into the Homeland Museum for the entire Vranov region. The museum resides in a Renaissance-Baroque manor house.


Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Hervartov

Wooden Gothic building dates from the 15th century and its architecture has been preserved till today. The church was declared a national cultural monument and included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Ľubovniansky hrad

Ľubovňa castle

Majestic ancient Ľubovňa Castle located on a 711 m high cliff above the city. Stará Ľubovňa offers historic exposures of the vehicles, visit of a dungeon, underground passages and a unique natural museum.


Ľubovniansky Outdoor Museum

Ethnographic exhibition in nature represents cultural values of ethnically mixed region of north-east Spiš and north-west Šariš where Slovaks, Germans, Ruthenians, Gorals and Jews have lived side by side for centuries. more info…


Open-air Folk Museum - Museum of Ukrainian Culture Svidník

Complex ethnographic exhibition, on the basis of substantial material, opened in 1982. The open-air museum gives visitors a comprehensive understanding of basic living conditions of Rusyns – Ukrainians of Slovakia in the past.


Parish Church Žehra

Parish Church of the Holy Spirit in Žehra was declared a national cultural monument on December 11th 1993 and it was also inscribed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Putnicka hora Zvir - Litmanová

Pilger Mount Zvir – Litmanová

Mount Zvir is located at an altitude of 820 meters. It is 5 km far from Litmanová village in Ľubovnianska vrchovina. Virgin Mary appeared to two girls in the little room of the wooden cabin (Maidan).

Podtatranské múzeum Poprad

Podtatranské museum Poprad

In 1945, the museums in Velka Lomnica and in Poprad merged into one and the Podtatranske Museum was established in a form as we know it today. The museum offers expositions of Tatras nature, history of Poprad, or exposition of blueprints manufacturing.

Červený kláštor

Red Monastery

In addition to an amazing monastery complex a unique attraction in Europe is awaiting you here – the Dunajec rafting on wooden rafts in a beautiful natural scenery of Pieniny National Park.

Spišský hrad

Spiš castle

Spiš castle stretches over the surroundings within the area of considerable 4 hectares. Along with the neighboring medieval monuments it has been registered in the list of monuments of the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO. Visit of Spiš castle offers you exposition of castle history and medieval weapons.

Námestie sv. Egídia

Square of St. Egidius in Poprad

Around the fusiformed Sqare of St. Egidius, you will find the centre of Poprad. Sqare of St. Egidius offers you bourgeois houses in Baroque and Classicistic style, Church of St. Egidius from the 13th century and significant painting – the oldest illustration of High Tatras.

Solivar pri Prešove

STM - NKP Saltworks near Prešov

Saltworks near Prešov, a national cultural heritage belongs to the most important technical monuments in Slovakia. It is a unique complex of technical facilities for drawing and cooking salt from brine.

Šarišské múzeum Bardejov

Šariš Museum Bardejov

Šariš Museum belongs to the oldest ones in Slovakia and as the only one it specializes on iconographic creation of eastern rite.

Tatranská galéria Poprad

Tatranská gallery Poprad

Come and see the exhibits of the Tatra Gallery, which are installed in several places. In the Tatra Gallery, you will find the works of artists from the Spiš area and the Eastern Slovak region, the works of prominent personalities of Slovak art scene, and the spaces of gallery creatively used by artists.

Kostol sv. Egídia v Poprade

The church of St. Egidius in Poprad

The most valuable monument construction in Poprad is the Church of St. Egidius. The Church of St. Egidius offers you atmosphere full of history and Two Baroque spectacles - Blessed Virgin Mary and the painting of St. Egidius.

Kaštieľ Strážky

The Manor House Strážky

It belongs to the most important attractions of Spiš region together with the late gothic church o St. Anne and Gothic-Renaissance bell tower they create a single architectural and urban complex.

Červený kláštor

Tourist route - Červený kláštor municipality

Spending just one day is enought to get many urepeatable experience. The medium difficulty way to Červený kláštor offers you: Most exquisite part of the National Natural Park of Pieniny Magical natural scenery Path around the rafts dock

Radnica v Levoči

Townhall Levoča

The Town Hall from the 15th century is an interesting architectonic building in the town. The original Gothic constraction was re-built into Renaissance style in 17th century. Town Hall in Levoča offers historical cage of shame from year 1600 and Spišské museum.

Múzeum Humenné

Vihorlat Museum in Humenné

The Vihorlat Museum offers visitors these permanent exhibitions: art-historical, natural sciences, sacral expositions and exposition of folk architecture and housing (open-air museum).

Drevený chrám Brežany

Wooden Church Brežany

The wooden Greek-Catholic Cathedral of St. Luke with three rooms of Eastern type, the only in the district of Prešov, was built in 1727 and renewed in the second half of the 18th century. This fact makes one of the oldest wooden churches in Slovakia.

Drevený chrám Kožany

Wooden Churches of North-Eastern Slovakia

Wooden churches are among the most unique treasures of art and religion in Slovakia. From the architectural and religious point of view, we consider them to be the unique structures.


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