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Muzeum Andyho Warhola

Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art

As the first museum in Slovakia, it conceptually maps, presents and professionally processes even those trends in art and culture that few institutions have yet to accept.


Archeological park Havránok

Havránok is a unique archeological park situated over the water surface of a dam Liptovská Mara and so is one of the oldest cultural monuments in Liptov. Havránok offers eminent slovak archeological site, remains of suburbs from the younger Iron age and beautiful view from the defense tower.

Múzeum letectva Košice

Aviation museum Košice

Do not miss the Aviation museum in hangars of Military Aviation Academy of M. R. Štefánik. Aviation museum in Košice offers you: еvolution of aviation technique since 1943, more than 30 historical machines, 18 original aircrafts, exposition of road transport.

Balneologické múzeum

Balneological museum Piešťany

In this museum, you will familiarize yourselves with balneal history in Slovakia. Balneological museum offers various historical paintings and postcards, remains of M. R. Štefánik, unique findings from Palaeolithic period, 22 800 years old statue statuette of Moravian Venus.

Bazilika Panny Márie na Mariánskej Hore

Basilica of the Virgin Mary on Mariánska Hora

Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Mariánska hora in Levoča belongs to the oldest pilgrimage sites of the eastern Slovakia.

Hrad Beckov

Beckov castle

History of the castle attracts by more legends, and because of that it is a popular tourist attraction.  One of the most visited ruins in Slovakia, Beckov Castle, offers folk tale of the castle lord, who was enchanted by his servant.

Kaštieľ Betliar

Betliar Castle

Visit the past hunting palace of the Andrássy family declared to be a National Cultural Monument as a precious cultural and historical heritage. Betliar Castle offers you documentation of the history of gentry, one of the most beautiful English parks in Slovakia and the largest magnolia in Central Europe.

Kaštieľ Blatnica

Blatnica manor house

Come and see small, but atractive Blatnica manor house . Blatnica manor house offers you latebaroque architecture, exposition of old pictures of Slovakia by well known photographer Karol Plicka.

Bojnický zámok

Bojnice castle

If you want to be like in a fairytale, visiting Bojnice and Bojnice castle is the best way how to do that. The castle of Bojnice represents one of the oldest and most remarkable Slovak castles. Bojnice castle offers you collections of historical art museum, Ghost festival, Bojnice Zoo situated in the vicinity and lovely park.



One of the youngest European metropolis, which is also one of the most visited and favourite cities in Slovakia. Bratislava invites you into a modern entertainment center, to the he beautiful historical center or the national museum and gallery.

Bratislavský hrad

Bratislava castle

Bratislava castle is a historic dominant of Bratislava. It towers over the river Danube, on a castle rock in the height of 85 metres. Bratislava castle offers you sight seening of exposition ARS LITURGICA. Goldsmit´s trade in service of liturgy, non-recurring view over the city from area of castle.

Budatínsky hrad

Budatín castle

Visit the pearl of Slovak traditional culture. Budatín castle offers viewing the collection of naturalistic museum, dominant of Žilina with the unique museum of tinkering art.

Stredoslovenská galéria Banská Bystrica

Central Slovakian gallery Banská Bystrica

Central Slovakian gallery was established in 1956 as the third regional gallery in Slovakia. Central Slovakian gallery offers you regional art and Slovak art, graphis art and foreign graphic art, permanent exposition in The Old Town Hall and Bethlen's house.

Stredoslovenské múzeum Banská Bystrica

Central Slovakian museum Banská Bystrica

Central Slovakian museum was founded in 1889 and nowadays it is the oldest cultural institution in the city.

Nádvorie Európy Komárno

Courtyard of Europe in Komárno

The Courtyard of Europe is the name for the unique architectural work of the architects from the Atelier Europe with a surface of 6,500 m2. In Courtyard of Europe in Komárno you will find buildings representing historical architecture typical for particular parts of Europe.

Hrad Čachtice

Čachtice castle

For its reputation on a bloody and relentless Countess Bathory is known as the mysterious castle in the Carpathians. Čachtice castle offers legend "bloody countess" Elizabeth Bathory of 16 and 17th and magnificent views of the surroundings.

Hrad Červený kameň

Červený kameň castle

Powerful and most beautiful preserved castle near Bratislava clearly visible especially from greater distances. Červený kameň Castle offers a museum of historical housing of aristocracy, beautiful linden alley, stunning interiors and exteriors with rich ornamentation.


Danubiana Bratislava

Architecture here in its diversity provides opportunities to many exhibition activities. Visitors can see a survey of leading world artists and purchase in the Art Shop.

Hrad Devín

Devín castle

One of the oldest Slovak castles, grandiose historical castle Devín stands on a strategically massive rock above the junction of the rivers Danube and Morava. Devín castle offers expositions from the past of Slavs, unique castle well with the depth of 55 metres.


Dukla battlefield

During the World War II, North-Eastern region was a key point in the liberation of Slovakia from fascist troops. The national cultural monument of Dukla battlefield reminds us of those events.

Východoslovenská galéria

Eastern Slovak Gallery Košice

Gallery was established in 1951 as the first regional gallery. Easternslovak gallery offers you complete overview of art in Slovakia in the 20th century, more than 6400 exhibits.

Východoslovenské múzeum Košice

Eastern Slovak museum Košice

Eastern Slovak museum in Košice is one of the oldest and most eminent museums in Slovakia. Eastern Slovak museum offers you most emitent museum in Slovakia, expositions of history from Košice and its surroundings.

Komarnanska pevnost

Fortress of Komárno

Komárno is the largest, most distinguished and well–preserved  fortress in Slovakia. In its time it was the largest and strongest defense construction of Austria-Hungarian Empire. Fortress of Komárno offers you fortification architecture of the 16th to 19 century and different systems of fortification.

Múzeum Hanušovce

Homeland Museum Hanušovce nad Topľou

The museum was founded as one of the last museums in Slovakia, and from the beginning it developed into the Homeland Museum for the entire Vranov region. The museum resides in a Renaissance-Baroque manor house.

Múzeum Majstra Pavla z Levoče

House of Master Paul from Levoča (Spišské Museum)

He left many valuable sculptural and carving art works behind which are to be found in the surroundings of Levoča. House of Master Paul from Levoča offers Museum of Master, who belongs to the top Gothic artists.

Hrad Hrádok

Hrádok castle

Castle near the town Liptovský Hrádok, that the first reference comes from 1341. Hrádok castle offers you beutiful nature and romance of its areas, stylish accomodation, catering.

Kaštieľ Svätý Anton

Chateau in Svätý Anton

Visit national culture monument - baroque-classicism chateau in Svätý Anton. Chateau in Svätý Anton offers you a collection of more than 2000 trophies and also collection of abnormalities, beautiful park and forest park with small stone benches.

Kaštieľ Moravany nad Váhom

Chateau Moravany nad Váhom

Come to visit this grandiose Renaissance chateau with magnificent park. Chateau Moravany nad Váhom offers beautiful courtyard, english park unfolds, with a fine art gallery of artists around the globe, House of Slovak fine art artists.


Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Hervartov

Wooden Gothic building dates from the 15th century and its architecture has been preserved till today. The church was declared a national cultural monument and included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Židovské kultúrne dedičstvo v Bratislavskom kraji

Jewish cultural heritage in Bratislava region

We invite you to visit the monuments of Jewish Cultural Heritage. In Bratislava region you can find Memorial Chatam Sofer and Museum of Jewish culture, Synagogue in Bratislava, Malacky and Stupava.

Kežmarský hrad

Kežmarok castle

Enjoy beautiful restored interior of Kežmarok castle where ghost of Black lady is haunting. Kežmarok castle offers you museum, theatre performances, unique machine, by means of which the first X-ray pictures were created in Ugria.

Hrad Krásna Hôrka

Krásna Hôrka Castle

Join us on our journey and get to know our history and our art-history heritage through the medieval castle of the Andrássy family. At Krásna Hôrka Castle you will find exposition of weapons, the visible transformation of architecture, a rare collection of historical furniture.

Hrad Lietava

Lietava castle

Enjoy beautiful view of surroundings from remains of the massive medieval fortress. Lietava castle is one of the most largest fortresses in Slovakia and ideal place for hiking.

Likavsky hrad

Likava castle

Likava castle was serving in past as a defensive castle. In this castle you can see reproductions of contemporary engravings, woodcarving, drawings and paintings, cartoons documentation of archaeological finds.

Liptovský hrad

Liptov castle

It is the highest situated castle – now just castle remains in Slovakia, that protected the borders of the country. Liptov castle offers you castle remains in the height of 993 metres, rich archeological exposition in the nature.

Ľubovniansky hrad

Ľubovňa castle

Majestic ancient Ľubovňa Castle located on a 711 m high cliff above the city. Stará Ľubovňa offers historic exposures of the vehicles, visit of a dungeon, underground passages and a unique natural museum.


Ľubovniansky Outdoor Museum

Ethnographic exhibition in nature represents cultural values of ethnically mixed region of north-east Spiš and north-west Šariš where Slovaks, Germans, Ruthenians, Gorals and Jews have lived side by side for centuries. more info…

Kaštieľ v Markušovciach

Markušovce Manor House

Do not miss majestic and exquisite manor house built in the Rococo from 17th century. Manor house of Markušovce offers history and relax in the shade of the French park, concerts, exposition of historical furniture.

Mincovňa Kremnica

Mint in Kremnica

Famous mint in Kremnica was built due to the law in 1328 by King Charles Robert who established a mint and permited a minting of coins. It is considered as one of the world's oldest mints, at the begining florins and later ducats were minted here and constantly minting the state money, and commemorative coins.

Slovenské národné múzeum Bratislava

Museum of natural science in Bratislava

It is the biggest museum of scientific character in Slovakia, which you should certainly not miss seeing. Slovak national museum offers approximately 2.4 millions of permanent exhibits, Archeological museum of the Jewish culture, Museum of Hungarian culture in Slovakia or Museum of Croatian culture in Slovakia.

Múzeum slovenskej dediny

Museum of Slovak village

Exposure which is offering a comprehensive picture of traditional building culture and housing on the whole territory of Slovakia. In the museum you can visit the exhibitions of Region Orava, Region-Kysuce Podjavorník, Region Turiec, Region Liptov.

muzeum dopravy

Museum of transport Bratislava

First slovakian museom of transport which was opened on 24.6.1999. Visitor can find in this museum: collection of vehicles, bicycles, motor and commercial car, prototypes and military vehicles, steam, motor and electric locomotives.

Múzeum historických zbraní Bratislava

Museum of weapons Bratislava

The only preserved gate from the four original Bratislava gates in city fortification is the Michael's gate. Michael's gate offers you Museum of weapons, view offered by an Old town.

Nový zámok Banská Štiavnica

New chateau Banská Štiavnica

The new chateau was build on the Dievčenský hill. It was one of the guardian towers, which were protecting the town against the Turkey invasion. The new chateau offers you exposition speaking about anti-turkey battles in Slovakia, six floors and many corner bastions and gun-pits, magnificent view on the town.

Hvezáreň Hurbanovo

Observatory in Hurbanovo

Visit the oldest observatory in Slovakia. In Hurbanovo observatory you will find one of the first astrophysical observatory in Europe, meteo measure Center in Slovakia.

Dôstojnícky pavilón Komárno

Officers' pavilion Komárno

Officers' pavilion was built in the years 1858 through 1863 in the neo-Gothic style, recalling the English Gothic. Building of Officers' pavilion offers you two corner towers and terrace on the ground floor, on its main facade the words: VIRIBVS VNITIS - Unity is strength and amphitheater at the court.

Starý zámok

Old chateau Banská Štiavnica

The Old chateau, a large threenaved basilica, lies on the perk of the mount Paradajz. The part above the ground the dead were burried and bones in the underground part. Old chateau offers you exposition of baroque plastic art, world-famous banskoštiavnické tobacco-pipe craft.

Skanzen Bardejovské Kúpele

Open Air Museum – Museum of Folk Architecture in Bardejov Spa

Open air museum is the oldest facility of its kind in Slovakia. It was opened in 1965. There are 24 exposure facilities in the park and garden design – ethnopark in the area of 1,5 ha. more info…


Open-air Folk Museum - Museum of Ukrainian Culture Svidník

Complex ethnographic exhibition, on the basis of substantial material, opened in 1982. The open-air museum gives visitors a comprehensive understanding of basic living conditions of Rusyns – Ukrainians of Slovakia in the past.

Oravský hrad

Orava castle

We can also call it „an eagle nest“ built on a high rock above the surrounding country. It is one of the most attractive castles in Slovakia. At Orava castle you can enjoy Orava museum, network of underground corridors, spooky night sightseeings and various theatre performances.


Parish Church Žehra

Parish Church of the Holy Spirit in Žehra was declared a national cultural monument on December 11th 1993 and it was also inscribed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Piaristický kláštor

Piaristic monastery in Prievidza

Best Baroque monastery complex in the town of Prievidza. Piaristic monastery offers Piarist Church and Upper - Nitra Museum.

Putnicka hora Zvir - Litmanová

Pilger Mount Zvir – Litmanová

Mount Zvir is located at an altitude of 820 meters. It is 5 km far from Litmanová village in Ľubovnianska vrchovina. Virgin Mary appeared to two girls in the little room of the wooden cabin (Maidan).

Podtatranské múzeum Poprad

Podtatranské museum Poprad

In 1945, the museums in Velka Lomnica and in Poprad merged into one and the Podtatranske Museum was established in a form as we know it today. The museum offers expositions of Tatras nature, history of Poprad, or exposition of blueprints manufacturing.

Považská galéria umenia v Žiline

Považská art gallery Žilina

The treasure-house of the current Slovak visual art. Považská art gallery offers famous non-traditional art projects - specific art, lot of Slovak and foreign works of art.

muzeum praveku

Prehistoric Museum

Step into the ancient times of human race, when every day was a hard struggle for bare life. Step into the time of the Neanderthals... Prehistoric Museum offers: plentiful chipped stone tools, fossil animal bones, fireplace remains.

Červený kláštor

Red Monastery

In addition to an amazing monastery complex a unique attraction in Europe is awaiting you here – the Dunajec rafting on wooden rafts in a beautiful natural scenery of Pieniny National Park.

Rímsky tábor Iža

Roman military camp in Iža

Eastwards from Komárno - (7 km) at the village of Iža in Leányvár ( Dievčí hrad) there are remains of the roman castle - fortified military camp and roman settlement called Celemantia. Roman military camp offers remains of camp, that belonged among the biggest romanian buildings, qualified comment of archeology employees in summer.

Múzeum vodného mlynárstva Kolárovo

Shipboard Water mill Kolárovo

Natural area - Shipboard Water mill, is situated in Kolarovo town. It was build as part of culture monument - Shipboard mill. Water mill offers you faun and flora is typical for meadow forests, ruin of "Peace castle", one of the longest wooden bridges in Europe.

Slovenské banské múzeum Banská Štiavnica

Slovak Mining Museum Banská Štiavnica

Rich mining tradition is captured in the mining museum which you will find only few kilometres from Banská Štiavnica. In Slovak mining museum you will find the open-air museum is situated in the original mining creations, expositions that are both above the ground.

Slovenská národná galéria

Slovak national gallery Bratislava

The Gallery offers the most unique art expositions, which you can find in Slovakia. In Slovak national gallery you will find approximately 55 000 art works and the art of european origin is a part of it as well, variety of seasonal exhibitions and cultural events today.

Slovenské technické múzeum Košice

Slovak technical museum Košice

The museum will present you with the history of technique in Slovakia in various areas. Slovak technique museum offers you: evidence of the technique evolution in the whole Slovakia, many educational exhibits a planetarium for those, who are interested in astronomy.

Malokarpatské múzeum

Small Carpathian museum Pezinok

Small Carpathian Museum in Pezinok with his exposition is concentrated mostly on viniculture, winemaking and mostly on wine from Small carpathian vineyard area. Small Carphatian Museum invites you into reconstructed building of museum and cellars and on degustation of small carpathian wines.

Galéria umelcov Spiša Spišská Nová Ves

Spiš artists´ Gallery Spišská Nová Ves

The Gallery is situated in a building which is also very interesting due to its architecture and many architectural details. Spiš artists' Gallery offers works of art of authors from the Spiš region of the latter half of the 19th century until today, the building of Spiš artists' Gallery that is a protected monument.

Spišský hrad

Spiš castle

Spiš castle stretches over the surroundings within the area of considerable 4 hectares. Along with the neighboring medieval monuments it has been registered in the list of monuments of the World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage of UNESCO. Visit of Spiš castle offers you exposition of castle history and medieval weapons.

Spišské múzeum Levoča

Spišské museum Levoča

Visit Spišské museum, that was founded in 1884. Spišské museum offers you collection of historical objects, collections of art history, ethnography of Spiš region.

Námestie sv. Egídia

Square of St. Egidius in Poprad

Around the fusiformed Sqare of St. Egidius, you will find the centre of Poprad. Sqare of St. Egidius offers you bourgeois houses in Baroque and Classicistic style, Church of St. Egidius from the 13th century and significant painting – the oldest illustration of High Tatras.

Chrám sv. Jakuba v Levoči

St. Jacob's cathedral

St. Jacob's cathedral is the second largest church in Slovakia. In St. Jacob's cathedral you will find late Gothic altar made by Master Paul of Levoča has been announced a national cultural monument where divine services are still being served.

Dóm sv. Martina

St. Martin cathedral

St. Martin cathedral, with gold-plated representation of the Hungarian royal crown, is situated just below the castle on the Rybné square.   Visit St. Martin cathedral and enjoy: - The most eminent sacral construction of the city - National Cultural Monument with works of many world famous artists  

Solivar pri Prešove

STM - NKP Saltworks near Prešov

Saltworks near Prešov, a national cultural heritage belongs to the most important technical monuments in Slovakia. It is a unique complex of technical facilities for drawing and cooking salt from brine.

Hrad Strečno

Strečno castle

The majestic castle fortress towers on a rock over the river Váh. In the past long gone, it was considered as the safest fortress of the region associated with the personal story of Žofia Bosniaková. In Strečno castle you will find magnificent view to Žilinska hollow basin and a replica of Žofia Bosniaková mummy.

Svätojánsky kostol (Stred Európy)

Svätojánsky church (Geographical center of Europe)

The picturesque landscape near mines of Kremnica offers you great opportunities to visit interesting Svätojánsky church, which is the geographical center of Europe. You can also visit modern Kapucínsky monastery, which is located next to Svätojánsky church.

Šarišské múzeum Bardejov

Šariš Museum Bardejov

Šariš Museum belongs to the oldest ones in Slovakia and as the only one it specializes on iconographic creation of eastern rite.

Tatranská galéria Poprad

Tatranská gallery Poprad

Come and see the exhibits of the Tatra Gallery, which are installed in several places. In the Tatra Gallery, you will find the works of artists from the Spiš area and the Eastern Slovak region, the works of prominent personalities of Slovak art scene, and the spaces of gallery creatively used by artists.

Kostol Najsvätejšej Trojice v Žiline

The church of Sacred Trinity in Žilina

Originally a threenaved gothic chuch with renaissance components. The church of the Sacred Trinity, which we also know as a parish church of Virgin Mary, comes from the year 1400. The church of the Sacred Trinity offers Chapel of St. Ján Nepomucký, was built to the church, which was supposed to serve as a God's burrial place.

Kostol sv. Ondreja Komárno

The church of St. Andrew in Komárno

Do not forget to visit the dominant building of the church of St. Andrew. Church of St. Andrew offers you history of 17th century and church tower used as a guard tower of the city.

Kostol sv. Kataríny Banská Štiavnica

The church of St. Catherine in Banská Štiavnica

Late-gothic Church of 15th century. Church of St. Catherine offers you crypt which they used to bury mayors, pipe organ.

Kostol sv. Katariny

The Church of St. Catherine Kremnica

In Gothic church of st. Catherine from 15 century, there is the precious altar, which is comparable with parameters on European level. In Church of St. Catherine you can see valuable art works, altars decorated with carving and gilding, renaissance marble baptistery.

Kostol sv. Egídia v Poprade

The church of St. Egidius in Poprad

The most valuable monument construction in Poprad is the Church of St. Egidius. The Church of St. Egidius offers you atmosphere full of history and Two Baroque spectacles - Blessed Virgin Mary and the painting of St. Egidius.

Kostol sv. Pavla Apoštola

The church of St. Paul Apostle in Žilina

The church consists of two, 32 metres high towers. Here you will find a famous baroque altar with the portrait of St. Paul in the interior of the church, tablet dedicated to the bishop Jozef Vurum.

Malá synagóga

The Little synagogue in Žilina

The Little synagogue belongs to the group of the most eminent buildings of modern synagogue architecture in Europe.  The Little synagogue offers you an exposition of the Jewish culture museum and praying-room divided from the exposition room by a wooden grate.

Kaštieľ Strážky

The Manor House Strážky

It belongs to the most important attractions of Spiš region together with the late gothic church o St. Anne and Gothic-Renaissance bell tower they create a single architectural and urban complex.

Mestský hrad Banská Bystrica

The Town castle Banská Bystrica

The Town Castle is another National Cultural Monument, that was build near the original mining settlement, which was situated in the area where the town stands today. In Town Castle you will find Central Slovakia Gallery, collection of paintings here and more than 900 art works.

Červený kláštor

Tourist route - Červený kláštor municipality

Spending just one day is enought to get many urepeatable experience. The medium difficulty way to Červený kláštor offers you: Most exquisite part of the National Natural Park of Pieniny Magical natural scenery Path around the rafts dock

Mestská radnica Komárno

Townhall Komárno

Come and see the most characteristic neo-Renaissance monument of Komárno. Townhall offers you history signate by catastrophe, nice atmospehere of general Klapka square.

Radnica v Levoči

Townhall Levoča

The Town Hall from the 15th century is an interesting architectonic building in the town. The original Gothic constraction was re-built into Renaissance style in 17th century. Town Hall in Levoča offers historical cage of shame from year 1600 and Spišské museum.

Trenčiansky hrad

Trenčín castle

11th century royal castle rises above the city on a high cliff. Trencin Castle offers Watel well and the legend of love to a beautiful Turk Omar to Fatima, northernmost Roman monument in Central Europe from 179.

Turčianska galéria

Turčianska gallery Martin

Visit Turčianska gallery, the treasury mainly of the modern Slovak art. Turčianska gallery offers you works of art of the most significant Slovak artists of the 20th century, events and projects in the cooperation with the foreign artists and galleries.

Múzeum V. Lofflera v Košiciach

V. Löffler´s museum Košice

This museum presents art works of eminent Košice sculptor Vojtech Löffler.  In museum of Vojtech Löffler you will find: more than 2000 exhibits of his work here, collection of folk pottery and ceramics, unique collection of autoportraits of famous artists

Múzeum Humenné

Vihorlat Museum in Humenné

The Vihorlat Museum offers visitors these permanent exhibitions: art-historical, natural sciences, sacral expositions and exposition of folk architecture and housing (open-air museum).

Vihorlatská hvezdáreň

Vihorlat Observatory

The Vihorlat Observatory in Humenné, founded in 1952, is a regional specialized scientific, research, cultural, educational and professional observation institution in the field of astronomy and related sciences.  


Vlkolínec village

Visit the unique reservation of slovak national architecture, that has not been spoilt by new buildings. In Vlkolínec you will see village built up out of nothing but wood (UNESCO), 45 original constructions of national architecture, dominant wooden bell tower.

Drevený chrám Brežany

Wooden Church Brežany

The wooden Greek-Catholic Cathedral of St. Luke with three rooms of Eastern type, the only in the district of Prešov, was built in 1727 and renewed in the second half of the 18th century. This fact makes one of the oldest wooden churches in Slovakia.

Drevený chrám Kožany

Wooden Churches of North-Eastern Slovakia

Wooden churches are among the most unique treasures of art and religion in Slovakia. From the architectural and religious point of view, we consider them to be the unique structures.

Zoya Museum

Zoya Museum Modra

Zoya Museum in Modra with current exhibition is inviting mostly visitors of modern art. Current exhibition: Andy Warhol: Dad of pop- art.

Zvolenský zámok

Zvolen castle

It is a dominant of the city and it is preserved in its original, intact shape and it is registered as a National Cultural Monument. Zvolen castle attracts you by precious collection of Gothic and modern arts, very popular theatre festival called The Zvolenské castle games.


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