Dukla battlefield


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Dukla Pomník Údolie smrti

Dukla battlefield is a national cultural monument, which lies on the North-East of Slovakia, in the Svidník district. This monument reminds us of the liberation battles of the Red Army in the World War II. It was in this area of Slovakia where the most tragic military operation took place.

Dukla battlefield divided the site:

  • Dukla - the Memorial of the Czechoslovak Army, built in 1949; the tablets with the names of 1256 fallen soldiers – members of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Brigade, are placed near the memorial. As a part of the memorial, there is the Cemetery with graves of 565 soldiers who fell during the Carpathian-Dukla military operation.
  • Soviet Army Memorial (Svidník) - was built in 1954; there is a military cemetery in the complex of the memorial, where are graves of 9,000 Soviet soldiers.
  • Death Valley – it reminds the tank battles that took place in this area from 25 to 27 October 1944.


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