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Less than 15 km south of Bratislava city center on lap of foreland in the middle of massive flow of river Danube was on 9.september 2000 opened one of the youngest European museums of modern art - Danubiana. River Danube lend´s name to this museum and the rest is result of enthusiasm and initiative of Slovak galerist Dr. Vincent Polakovič and financial resources of Dutch collector and supporter of art Gerard H. Meulensteen. Uncommon position on border line of three neighbouring states - Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, but firstly monumental contrast of pure water level, high heaven and never ending banks of embankment creates ambit of impressive architecture which evokes shapes of Roman gallery which stranded aground.

DANUBIANA collection is considerably younger and is producing step by step with progressive image and influence. Basics of this collection are mostly paintings, sculptures and graphics from artists who presented this creations to Museum as a tribute for this unique place full of art and for courage of its founders. It is not just from domestic authors such are: Erna Masarovičová, Peter Pollág, Ján Hlavatý, Milan Lukáč but also work of Markus Reiter, M. Prachenský or Kurt Freundlinger.  

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Opening hours

Season Opening hours
Summer season (May - September) 10.00 - 20.00
Winter season (October - April) 10.00 - 18.00


Admission Price
Adults  4,00 € 
Children, students, retirees  2,00 € 
Family  10,00 € 


Mostová ul. , 810 00 Bratislava-Čunovo

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