Banskobystrická cyklomagistrála

Banská Bystrica cycling route

If you decided to visit Banska Bystrica, taking a bicycle will be the best way how to enjoy this trip. Banskobystrická cycling route offers you many ways how to know villages and towns around, trip to amazing nature of Donovaly.

Cykloturistika Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica cycling route

Take a bike trip and admire amazing nature and mining history by cycling routes in Štiavnické vrchy mountains. Cycling routes in Štiavnické vrchy mountains offers you system of forest road network, Mining Museum with its underground exhibitions.

Bratislavská cyklomagistrála

Bratislava cycling route

The pleasant trips on bikes around the surrounding forests can be connected with visit of interesting places. Bratislava cycling route offers you paths with gentle gradients, Devín Castle the nature cycle trail, cycling on dam.

Cyklotrasa Spišska Belá - Tatranska kotlina

Cycling route Spisska Bela – Tatranska Basin

A route 9 kilometres long connects Spisska Bela with the Tatranska Basin (Tatranska kotlina). The route is three meters wide, all-asphalt and therefore suitable for cyclists as well as skaters.  

Dunajská cyklomagistrála

Danube cycling route

It ranks among the most popular cycling routes in Central Europe and its the most frequent cycling route in Europe. If you get tired, stop for the moment and enjoy the beauty of nature. Danube cycling route offers you great views to Danube river.

Cykloturistika Donovaly

Donovaly cycling route

Have you decided to spend your summer vacation in the pleasant mountainous setting and use your time for cycling, hiking along with getting to know the surroundings?

Kremnická cyklomagistrála

Kremnica cycling route

Explore the magnificent nooks of the Kremnické vrchy mountains on your bike. Kremnica cycling route offers route suitable for the long-distance cyclists, history of the Slovak money.

Kysucká cyklomagistrála

Kysuce cycling route

You can get to know a local colour of the Kysuce and Javorníky regions on your bike. On Kysuce cycling route you can visit the distinctive villages or picturesque isolated settlements. One of those is the Korňanský ropný prameň (crude oil spring), which is the only one rising of the crude mineral oil spring in Slovakia.

Liptovská cyklomagistrála

Liptov cycling route

Whether you choose a track through Demänovská valley (Demänovská dolina) or you will ride along Liptovská Mara, the nature of this region will certainly amaze you. There is also an opportunity to see monuments in surrounding areas and try various sports and entertainment activities.  

Cyklomagistrála Malá Fatra

Malá Fatra cycling route

Do you like trips on your bike? Then the Malá Fatra mountains are made just for you. A rugged terrain has got many steep and demanding climbs. Thus, sett off on a trip to the surrounding forests driving your bike. From its saddle, getting to know this region will have a magnetic charm for you.

Moravská cyklotrasa

Moravian cycling route

On the western side of Bratislava´s autonomous region Moravian cyclo-artery, which is following the river Morava and is 55 km long, is located. An unforgettable experience offers cycling route following the former Iron Curtain and untouched nature, silence and rich fauna.

Oravská cyklomagistrála

Orava cycling route

If you are in good form, you can take part in the interesting tours intended for the mountain bikes in the Oravská Magura mountain and Skorušinské vrchy mountain. There are a few local and inter-regional cycle paths.  Orava cycling route offers view of the Orava region and Tatras mountains.

Cykloturistika Slovenský raj

Slovak paradise cycling route

Cycling in Slovak paradise offers you cycle routes in the conservation area of the National Park.

Tatranská cyklomagistrála

Tatras cycling route

Are you a cycling fan for who is every ride a challenge? Than visiting Hight Tatras is perfect for you. Tatras cycling route offers you difficult and less difficult cycling routes, who like beautiful nature.


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