Čachtice castle

Hrad Čachtice

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The castle represents splendid ruins giving possibility of enjoying the exquisite outlook on the vicinity. The legend of the bloody and merciless Bathory countess caused the castle to be called the Mysterious Castle of the Carpathian Mountains. Čachtice is famous thanks to Elizabeth Báthory, who lived here on the border of the 16th and 17th century. The myth says, that the „bloody“ countess had about 600 young girls murdered, in order to take baths in their blood, so to fulfill her dream about eternal youth. The story of a „bloody“ countess, who died in 1614, was lastly made as a historical first-rate film in the direction of a famous Slovak director Juraj Jakubisko and it obtained acknowledgement even abroad.

The castle is freely accessible.


, Čachtice , 91621

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