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Bratislava cycling route

Bratislavská cyklomagistrála

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Do you like the nature, but you do not interest yourself in hiking? So simply get on your bike. The Low Carpathians mountains are very suitable area for cyclists of all categories. Thanks to their gentle gradients you will be able also to get through the local cycle paths with any special training. The pleasant trips on bikes around the surrounding forests can be connected with visit of interesting places, such as trip to Červený kameň, or to the castle Devín. Just from Devín Castle the nature cycle trail, focused on the nature, culture and the environment, leads from this castle. Those of who prefer a long-distance cycling can use an opportunity to ride on Bratislava dam. Getting to know the Low Carpathians mountains on your bike will be certainly an interesting and entertaining thing for you. 


Schedule Altitude Distance
Bratislava - Hodžovo námestie 140 m 1,20 km
Račianske mýto 136 m 2,55 km
Pekná cesta 142 m 6,77 km
Rača amfiteáter 192 m 11,27 km
Malý Javorník 534 m 17,57 km
Veľký Javorník 537 m 18,82 km
Salaš  522 m  19,37 km
Červený potok  410 m  25,07 km
Košarisko  409 m  29,92 km
Medvedie dolina  290 m  43,11 km
Salaš 522 m 51,91 km
Malý Javorník 534 m 53,36 km
Malý Slavín 364 m 59,41 km
Železná studienka 225 m 68,81 km
Koliba 320 m 74,21 km
Bratislava - Hodžovo námestie 140 m 78,26 km

Schedule Altitude Distance
Bratislava - Hodžovo námestie 140 m 1,20 km
YMCA 140 m 1,70 km
Koliba 320 m 5,30 km
Lamač 187 m 16,78 km
Markíza - odbočka 160 m 22,98 km
Záhorská Bystrica 160 m 28,46 km
Stupava 182 m 29,46 km
Pod Košariskom 398 m 42,76 km
Salaš 522 m 45,16 km
Veľký Javorník 537 m 45,51 km
Pekná cesta 142 m 56,28 km
Račianske mýto 136 m 60,98 km
Bratislava - Hodžovo námestie 140 m

Schedule Altitude Distance
Bratislava - Hodžovo námestie 140 m 1,20 km
Lafranconi 138 m 4,40 km
Devín 145 m 16,40 km
Stupava 182 m 30,40 km
Košarisko 160 m 44,30 km
Salaš 160 m 49,00 km
Malý Javorník 182 m 50,45 km
Rača - námestie 398 m 55,80 km
Račianske mýto 522 m 63,80 km
Bratislava - Hodžovo námestie 537 m




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Recommended hotels

Recommended hotels

Hotel Color Bratislava
Hotel Color*** Bratislavafrom €25,00/person

Hotel Viktor***
Hotel Viktor*** Bratislavafrom €25,00/person

Hotel Michalská Brána
Hotel Michalská Brána*** Bratislavafrom €39,50/person

Hotel Matyšák***
Hotel Matyšák*** Bratislavafrom €48,00/person

w hotel bratislava - hlavna
W HOTEL *** Bratislavafrom €39,50/person

Hotel Divoká Voda Bratislava
Divoká Voda Hotel*** and Bungalowsfrom €23,00/person

Melrose Apartmány Bratislava
Melrose Apartments Bratislavafrom €35,00/person

Patio Hostel Bratislava
Patio Hostel Bratislavafrom €14,00/person

Hotel President *** Garni Bratislava
Hotel President *** Garni Bratislavafrom €25,00/person

botel gracia hlavna
Botel Gracia Bratislavafrom €32,50/person

Hotel Gaudio *** Bratislava
Hotel Gaudio *** Bratislavafrom €34,50/person


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